5 PayPal Alternatives

Without a doubt, PayPal is the most widely-known and used payment platform in almost all of the eCommerce websites. Many people use it as their only way to pay for online services or purchases because PayPal provides all the standard functions you’d expect. Through PayPal it is so easy to send and receive money instantly without hassle, It is safe in a way that all your financial information is securely encrypted and flexible because you can link any of your cards and bank accounts and choose which one to use at checkout. It is very easy and convenient to use because you can send using any devices such as a computer, mobile and in Apps in just one click! Lastly, if something goes wrong, You can be refunded with Buyer Protection.

However, PayPal has downsides too.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that they have a long list of rules you have to comply with. And there are plenty of other rules you’ll have to comply with and failure to comply with these rules can result in your account being locked, and your money being held for as long as six months during the investigation. Also, it has high transaction fees compared to others.

Fortunately, there are Excellent alternatives that can also offer you good or even better services. So, What are the best alternatives to PayPal? Here are 5 payment services you might want to consider as PayPal alternative.

1. Transferwise

transferwise image

Want to send Money with the real exchange rate? Transferwise is the best for you! It eliminates high bank fees for foreign exchanges by matching its users based on the currency they have and require. With Transferwise you can experience transferring money up to 8x cheaper than with the Banks.

It has bank-level security and very safe to use because it is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It verifies its user to protect against fraud and money laundering. It supports 500+ currency rates. So with Tranferwise you can send, receive, and organize your money all over the world with the real exchange without high fees.

When you signup for TransferWise using the link above, your first transaction (up to £500) is completely free.

2. Payza

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Searching for a faster yet cheap way to send and withdraw funds? Try Payza it will provide you most convenient and affordable service. Payza is also one of the popular online money transfer that earns positive feedback because It makes your transactions Simple, Speedy, and Secure.

With Payza you can do your transactions anytime, anywhere without hassle such as Paying bills, Shopping online, Sending Remittances and more! Payza has KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to help ensure the security of the members and the network. It also identifies suspicious activity because of FraudMatrix.

Payza operates in more than one hundred and ninety nations and supports 25 currencies worldwide!

3. 2CheckOut

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2CheckOut the also known payment processor that gains A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It is known because of its quick and easy process feature. It doesn’t have an application fee, annual fee or monthly fee! Merchants can get started and sign up with One-time payment worth $49.97.

2Checkout is a reliable payment processor that offers many advantages for most online merchants, especially those just getting started.It is the best PayPal alternative for merchants. It is available in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages.


skrill image


Skrill is one of the most affordable online payment options today. With Skrill, you can transfer fees instantly. It becomes widely popular because of e-wallets which allows you to make online payments conveniently and securely without revealing your personal financial data, as well as send and receive money online cost-effectively.

It has also low transaction charges fewer restrictions when it comes to security clearance which makes it hassle-free and much easier to process your transactions.

However, Skrill is not yet accepted as a payment gateway in many countries. This serves as a drawback for the people interested in overseas transactions.

5. Dwolla

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Dwolla has proven to be a great option for many people because it is a free service with very low transaction fees. It can be used for payments between individuals, businesses, or both. Dwolla charges only $0.25 per transaction but free of charge for small amount transactions that are less than $10.

When it comes to security Dwolla is very secure to use because your personal financial information will never be shared with the other party when making transactions.

It has a unique feature called MassPay which allows you to process a thousand payments at a time. It also supports Android and iOs so you can make payments or receive money from your smartphones easily!

Dwolla is only available in limited countries they are still trying to launch its service to other countries. For now, Dwolla is a great PayPal alternative for US-based users.


Choosing the right payment provider is an important choice for any online business. There are now many options offering different levels of service and all you have to do is to check on each platform and review its services offered. Remember, you need to consider a lot of things such as; flexible and affordable service, seamless integration, high-security service,  excellent service and support and etc. Try to weigh the pros and cons.

Therefore, before choosing, consider doing a research first to ensure the payment you work with is the best for you!


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