If you’re an advertiser with Google Adsense, you’ve probably been receiving a few emails over the last week or so in regards to Adsense video units being retired at the end of April. According to Google:

“…we’ve decided to focus our efforts on other opportunities to help publishers monetize their sites”

If you’re not familiar with Google Video Units, I’m not surprised. Google even admits that these ads have not been performing well, which is the main reason for their retirement, and I have rarely seen these being used on any other sites. In fact, I cannot think of another site I’ve ever seen using these.

Basically a Google Video Unit is an ad that looks similar to a regular video. It’s content is meant to match up with the content on your blog, so for example if you had a blog about mac products, you could set your video unit to display mac related content.

Anyway, my main reason for writing this was to share my brief experience with Video Units. I have a site getting betweeen 1000 – 3000 unique visits per day. The topic is technology related, and the content is 90% videos. I thought that video units would be a perfect match for this site.  I placed the video unit on the single.php template in my WP theme under the main post content, so basically the video units will only display on the post pages – not on the home page or any other pages, and layout wise, the page will have the main video, followed by the video unit below.

I thought this would be a pretty clever layout since it’s common for visitors to finish the video they originally came to your site to see, then check out the next video below. Here’s the basic breakdown of about 9 months of this:

Overall, considering the amount of page impressions, this is obviously a terrible result. Thankfully I only used it on one site. Generally if you get that many page impressions on a regular video blog your earnings should be a LOT higher than that – and I know this for a fact.

So hopefully now that Google is going to be focusing their efforts on better ways for publisher to monitize their sites, they will come up with a more creative way to mix video and contextual advertising. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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