Well it’s been a couple weeks now since my last installment in my creating an EPN affiliate site start to finish series. Frankly I’ve just not had the time to do it lately and these next few installments will take a high level of detail to cover all the information necessary. Anyway, the good news is I will be working onĀ  several new installments due this week, and more on the horizon next week.

I’ve been gettingĀ  a lot of emails about supporting threaded comments, a new feature of WP 2.7, so I plan to make sure all future themes I design will support this, and if I can do it easily, I’ll make sure every theme I give away has this feature.

I’ve also got at least 2 new WP themes I will be releasing soon. The first is my first magazine style free premium WordPress theme which includes the featured content gallery and Ajax tabs. Then I’ve also got the second WP Commerce theme on deck. It will need some work before I can release it, but it is on the way.

Thanks to everyone for all the comments and emails, and remember to post questions and comments in the comments area on the appropriate post and I will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.

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