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5 Best VPN Services for Your WordPress Site

VPN or Virtual Private network is growing popularity nowadays because of the need to protect your privacy and secure information or even bypass censorship. In this article you we will explain what are VPN and its importance. We also hand pick some of best VPN Services you might use for your WordPress Account.

VPN and its importance

As we all use internet from multiple devices, location or even public internet spots VPN or Virtual Private network helps you secure your data, information and protect your identity from hackers.

Using Public WIFI can give hackers a chance to access your personal files, Browsing history, Credit cards, passwords, etc. They can even install malware or your WordPress site to hack on your social media accounts, steal your bank accounts, and direct your internet connection from your home or office to access your date transfers from or to your devices.

VPN allows you to browse your internet privately from different countries IP addresses using encryption for your security and identity protection. In this case you can bypass specific restrictions like netflix, YouTube or other website from other countries.

VPN improves security on your WordPress website. If you are using SSL on your website already, using VPN completely hides your movement behind several encryption layers.

How VPN works

Normally all the traffic on internet travel through different servers spread across the globe. Hackers and government can spy and view the website you are visiting and see what you are doing online on this internet traffic.

VPN creates private network that acts as point to point network between computers and your VPN servers. When you use VPN Services while requesting website on your computer, the client VPN encrypt your request and send it to the VPN server. Then the VPN server requests the information from the destination website. The VPN now encrypt the information before sending it back to your device.

In this case you are secure and protected from hackers, government or anybody who want to spy on you through your internet connection.

How to choose the best VPN Services

There are lots of VPN Services available for you today, but not all of them offer the same level of security and privacy or user friendly.

Before buying a VPN server you must consider the following:

Ease of use – this is very important because not all users have the technical skills for very tricky app. Check if you can use the VPN to all your devices, connect quickly and chance server easily without much skills.

Speed and bandwidth – Choose VPN Services that has enough bandwidth to support faster connection for all the costumers.

Location and servers – More servers in multiple locations allows you to choose from different IP addresses in different countries, more importantly you can switch from slower to faster servers.

Privacy and security – Make sure that your VPN services provider offers the best layer of security and not keeping logs and using layers of encryptions for all the data transfers.

This time let’s take a look of the best VPN service provider and how they are better from each other.


IPVanish is one of the Top Tier VPN service in the world. This means they deliver the best VPN speeds, the most secure connections and the most competitive pricing anywhere.

Their VPN network spans 40,000+ IPs on 850+ servers in 60+ countries, giving you the ability to surf anonymously and access the unrestricted Internet every corner of the globe.

They provide a secure environment for everyday web use. Once you establish a VPN connection all of your online data (emails, instant messages, and data transfers, online banking) pass through their encrypted tunnel.

Pricing starts at $6.49 to be paid annually.


StrongVPN is another to VPN service Provider in 44 cities in 24 countries. They provide services to more than 12000 satisfied costumer. StrongVPN guaranteed a 5 days money back if you are not satisfied with their services.

They have 24/7 technical support for your questions and other need regarding StrongVPN. StrongVPN also do not store logs from your site and offer more security.

StrongVPN has an app for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, etc and this app is easy to use for those not tech savvy. They have no bandwidth charges or speed limits and up to 2048 bit encryption.

Price starts with $5.83 a month and to be paid annually.



NordVPN allows you to access over 1000 servers worldwide. They encrypt your Internet traffic, protect you from snoopy advertisers with CyberSec technology, enjoy the anonymizing powers of The Onion Router and do it with the most advanced security technologies available today.

They will ensure that none of your confidential information is logged, monitored or being exposed and intercepted by third parties.

NordVPN is intuitive and easy-to-use VPN service, available on macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android operating systems. In fact, you can link up to 6 multiple devices simultaneously with single NordVPN account.

Pricing Starts at $5.75 and to be paid annually.


ExpressVPN allow you tochoose from 149 cities in 94 countries with unlimited bandwidth, speed, and server switches. Simultaneous connections on up to 3 devices and round the clock customer support by chat or email.

The full suite of ExpressVPN’s easy-to-use software for all your devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Routers, and Linux, with strong encryption zero logging of your network traffic.



OverPlay is a great VPN service with huge network consists of 650+ servers spread across 70+ locations in more than 50 countries.

They also offer SmartDNS service which allows you to browse internet without encryption. This is particularly helpful if you are only trying to access blocked websites. with zero-logs policy to ensure privacy

Combining SmartDNS with VPN service makes your internet connection secure and private without compromising on speed even from public WiFi spots.

OverPlay VPN also offers unlimited peer to peer connections without bandwidth or download caps. It also has apps for all popular devices and platforms.

Pricing: Starting from $8.33 per month billed annually.

Did you have a clue on what PVN Service provider to use? If you have any concerns about PVN Servers or on your WordPress website Talk to US!

Maintenance Page Ideas For Your WordPress Site

While nobody like to put a maintenance page on their WordPress website but it is really unavoidable especially when you are starting or adding page information to your page. In this article, we will share how some of the known websites creatively design their maintenance pages to their WordPress sites.

We will start with the question why and when do we need a maintenance page in our WordPress Site.

Normally you can do most things on your WordPress site without even taking it down. But, in some cases, you need to put your site in maintenance mode to avoid conflicts. Example of this is if you are moving your WordPress site from your local server to become live or switching to another server.

Another situation is if you are running an online store or membership site to make sure user sessions don’t end up abruptly and to make sure customer orders aren’t lost.

Question: How to Create a Maintenance Page in WordPress?

There is a plugin called WP Maintenance Mode. You can check it out, they have review and installation process or you can search for how to install WP Maintenance Mode on search engines.

After activation on your WordPress Dashboard, you can visit Setting > WP Maintenance Mode to configure plugin settings like adding a background image, choose design options, and add a custom image if you like and it will show on the maintenance page.

Now we can talk about the design you might follow to ensure a creative maintenance page.

Example of how popular brands use their Maintenance Page

Maintenance Pages are not visible for a long time but definitely make an impact you the visitors of your site. Ugly error pages generate a negative effect on your brand while creative Maintenance Page does the contrary.

Here are some examples of creatively done Maintenance Pages.

Short and Sweet

Atlassian’s Maintenance Page

Atlassian’s Maintenance Page

Twitter’s famous ‘Fail Whale

Twitter’s famous ‘Fail Whale

Instead of adding all the details about why you down make it simple and short. This way you can avoid confusion among users and visitors and deliver the message clearly.

Be Compassionate

GitHub Maintenance Page

GitHub Maintenance Page

If the user eagerly wants to visit the page and turn out to be on maintenance it’s a bit frustrating. You need to recognize the trouble that causes by the maintenance, apologize and promise to work hard and fixed the problem as soon and possible.

Be Humorous and Entertaining

Patreon Maintenance Page

Patreon Maintenance Page

Product Hunt Maintenance Page

Product Hunt Maintenance Page

Flickr used image for maintenance page

Flickr used image for maintenance page

Tumblr maintenance mode message

Tumblr maintenance mode message

If you are on maintenance user feel a waste of time visiting your site. Some might be angry and annoyed. A good humor from your site will surely make a difference.

Familiar Look and Feel

Apple uses brand’s logo, colors, and style makes a maintenance page

apple background maintenance

Unlike the live website, using brand’s logo, colors, and style will make the users attention to focus on the message and make the page more effective. This can also help you build your brand recognition.

Countdown for Return

Etsy did it on their maintenance page

Etsy maintenance page

A countdown timer will make your site livelier if you add it and users can expect when your site will be back. For some, they do not want to add a timer to the site, it’s fine you can still add the estimated time when the site will be back online.

Progress and Updates

Upwork uses live updates to their maintenance page

Upwork maintenance page

Some popular websites add status updates right on the maintenance page, they also use Twitter and other social media to make the users updated.

Additional tips when scheduling your maintenance on WordPress.

Check out the least busy time on your site to use and it is advisable to send out emails or status updates to inform users about the upcoming maintenance. Try also to keep in touch with users using twitter or any social media you prefer. Most importantly make sure your website will be back as soon as possible.

We hope this article helps you in some ways and make your site creative, insightful and beautiful. If you need help on your site on maintenance page or anything about your WordPress site Talk to Us.

7 Best Live Chat Support Software for Your WordPress Site

Is live chat feature on your website necessary? Not everyone acknowledges the importance of live chat in their blogs, but really having a live chat feature on your blog is so beneficial. It can help your site in many ways. This feature empowers you to provide a great customer service and help the customer resolves their problems right away!

It is very convenient for your visitors, client, or potential customers because there’s no need for them to wait for hours, days or even weeks for an email response back from you. They can get the answers that they need immediately. When you are having an eCommerce site this plugin can greatly boost your sales.

below are the list of the best plugins that you can use to add live chat on your site.


1.  Zendesk 

Zendesk Chat is a popular chatting plugin that can help you connect with your customer in real time. Because of its great features it earns the highest satisfaction ratings of any support channel.

This plugin has an automated triggers that will initiate live chats with online visitors and reach out to your customers before they even ask a question. It is also supported by any browser or smart phone so you can use it wherever you go. You can also chat with multiple visitors at once and send attachments such as screenshot, product guides, even an animated GIF and much more!

Offer the best customer support and make your customers happy! Give Zendesk a try!

Price ranges from $11.20- $44 per agent per month. But you can start with a free trial for 14 days.



There are lots of benefits in adding Tidio to your website. All messages are stored in one simple dashboard and it’s just a matter of seconds to communicate with your clients, no matter how they reach out.  We made the CMS integration process as simple as possible when adding Tidio to the most popular platforms.

Tidio read detailed answers from automatic messages, push notifications and even login instructions to the most popular questions asked by our clients. Our live chat integrate your chat with them to grant even better customer service and effortlessly connects with a wide variety of third-party apps.

No matter how they reach out, Tidio would never leave your client without a respond.

Starts with $15 /MO. for 3 operators for a lifetime and $10 for any further operator.

Sign up & enjoy the following features instantly!



Formilla is packed full of features and its Live Chat is customizable to match your needs. By installing our Live Chat widget on your website you can increase sales and improve customer support.

Another amazing feature is you can see what guests are viewing in real-time as you interact with them!

When you are on the road and afraid to miss the conversation and wish to keep in touch with your clients anywhere, install our app and simply login to your Formilla account Chat via your mobile device by using our iPhone/iPad or Android apps.

Formilla integrate with Zapier to connect with 500+ of your favorite apps, including email marketing platforms such as MailChimp, CRMs like Pipedrive, and ticket systems such as Zendesk.

Interested? Join over 10,000 websites that use Formilla!

Starts at $11.99 per month but free for standard membership.

4.  Casengo Live Chat Support

Great service starts with great service software.

Finally a customer-friendly ticketing tool that integrates Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp into your customer service platform, a customer service software for smart managers, growing teams, happy customers.

No more forgotten customers! Casengo puts a stop to endless searching, dragging, reassigning, copying messages, which all too often results in a slip through the cracks. Managing customer messages through email, live chat, WhatsApp or Messenger without losing the overview.

Experience the convenience of using Casengo and catching messages from all your communication channels in a shared inbox.

Over 1800 happy customers world-wide rely on Casengo! Join Us!

Pricing starts with $29 per user.

5. Sola Support Tickets

Sola WP is a WordPress Plugin and Theme development company.

We strive to provide well formulated, easy to use and incredibly powerful WordPress plugins. We also like to consider ourselves code scientists, using only the most well formulated code to generate outstanding plugins!

We pride ourselves on providing top-notch support.

Create a Support Desk inside WordPress in seconds!

Pricing starts at $19.99.

6. LiveChat

With the LiveChat chat plugin for WordPress, you can add live chat to every page of your website, including the checkout in no time. To answer chats, chat operators have to be logged into one of our apps – web based or desktop. There are also applications for mobile devices – iPhone, iPad and Android.

What is livechat for wordpress? If you run a website, and you are serious about your business then using live chat is no brainer. Live chat plugin for WordPress adds a live chat widget to the bottom of your website that allows visitors to chat to you in real time. Live chat software is perfect for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to close more sales and improve customer satisfaction scores.

There are customers waiting on your site, right now.

Pricing starts at $16.

7. Comm100 Live Chat


Comm100’s have a Comm100 Live Chat WordPress plugin which allows you to easily integrate live chat on your WordPress site. Their Live Chat solution is a simpler and faster live chat service for small businesses. Discover new opportunities by approaching customers directly on your site.

They offer all the basic live chat features with integrations to third-party services like Sales force, Google Analytics, and a few more.

Try Comm100 Live Chat WordPress plugin now!

Pricing starts at $29.

We hope this article helped you find Live Chat Support Software for Your WordPress Site.  If you want to know some of the Most Expensive Premium WordPress Themes and Why They’re Worth It you can check on this list.

30+ Best 2017 Simple WordPress Themes

Are you searching for the most clean, easy to use and  Simple WordPress Themes for your website? You have come to the right place. We noticed that a lot of website themes emerging today are great and a lot of good services offered, the problem is lot of users are just beginners trying to start a great website for brand or business with simple, easy setup websites. In this article we gather some list that you can check and install to your website that are both clean, easy to use and somehow affordable.

But before that we have tips for you in starting a new beautiful website using simple WordPress Themes.

First you have to make sure that you are starting with the right platform for your website. There are tons of good platform out there you can search and check for reviews of you want. I suggest a self hosting site because it is open source software you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app. Still you can choose anything you prefer.

Next, you will need a domain name and web hosting. This is how users find you when they search in the search engine your kind of products. We recommend Bluehost or SiteGround; they are an official WordPress hosting partner and one of the largest hosting companies in the world.

After getting domain name and webhosting the next step is to install WordPress. Search for updated instructions on how to start a WordPress Blog and you will up and running in no time.

This time you can select your preferred Theme from our selected simple WordPress themes below. These list are both paid and free and all are fully mobile responsive.
















Daily Dish Pro










Mont Blanc











True North





If you think some simple WordPress themes applicable to your site then make it a try. We hope this article helped you in your endeavour. If you need not only simple themes, these are some list of Most Expensive Premium WordPress Themes and Why They’re worth It. Also if you need more help on your website Talk to Us.

7 Most Expensive Premium WordPress Themes and Why They’re Worth It

Although there are lots of free and cheaper themes available, still premium WordPress theme is undoubtedly the choice of millions when it comes to building a high-quality website that is easy to manage. Using a free theme surely saves you some pennies from the budget, but sometimes paying more for things is worth every penny because it makes a huge difference. Premium Themes are a great option since they tend to offer more functionality, Styling, and ways to customize it. It comes with clearer codes and offers better features with excellent support.

best premium wordpress theme 2017

Below is a list of the top 7 most expensive premium WordPress theme that is worth buying on the market.

1. Business Identity

business wordpress theme screenshot

A premium WordPress theme that you would surely love! This theme is equipped with wide range set of features such as mobile-friendly layout, beautiful homepage, Jetpack-powered, SEO optimized, responsive grid structure, WordPress 3.8+ support and many more that are perfect if you want to showcase your business, sell your product and make a big impact on the online market because Business Identity WordPress theme was specially made for businesses and entrepreneurs who need a beautiful and professional website.

Everyone will love its homepage template. It is built to be fully responsive and suitable for any kind of devices. You can choose the layout that works best for your business because it has two layouts: width (default) and slim. It also comes with a beautiful homepage layout with option to show your latest posts, your team member, business services, client testimonials, Google map and much more!

The Documentation is very easy to understand and the support from the professional team is great!! You can really take control of everything and design your own website easily and display your business in a unique way.

Price: $175

2. Belafonte 

belafonte wordpress theme screenshot

Belafonte is very attractive and one of the best premium themes on WordPress that is well suited for hotels, inns, resorts, timeshares, bed & breakfasts and even private vacation rental sites.

It comes with a huge slider on the homepage to showcase your best shots and eye-catching slides attracting more viewers on your site. Your site will be highly customizable, as every element can be modified or changed. This encourages creativity and guarantees that you will have control over your website!

This theme has a special feature called events module which is useful in advertising your upcoming events. It has online reservation and bookings too! Belafonte is  WPML compatible, Responsive, and Mobile Friendly.

Get creative and try Belafonte now!

Price: $175

3. Hive

hive wordpress theme screenshot

Hive is a highly functional WordPress theme with the magazine-style layout and minimalist design. It is highly recommended for both personal blogs and professional magazines. This theme can be used by both experienced and beginning site admins.

Hive’s Layout is modifiable and very easy to customize. Use your creativity and make unlimited customization to personalize your site! You can change colors, fonts, styles and more. There’s no need for Coding skills or a developer to personalize your website.

The solid social media integration makes it easier for you to market your product online and reach a wider range of audience. It also comes with good customer support. Get Hive now!

Price: $125

4. ProPhoto

prophoto wordpress theme screenshot


ProPhoto is a Contemporary WordPress theme comes with 14 inbuilt design starter options. It is originally designed for high-end photographer/bloggers, but also suitable for amateur photographers who don’t have any web design experience. This theme becomes popular and highly recommended because it is packed with tons of great features that are needed for your website.

With ProPhoto, you can sit back and relax, There’s no need to keep track of the latest version of your WP theme because ProPhoto will automatically make updates for you when you log in. Its features also include a mobile, responsive design, built-in slideshow functionality, and built-in grids in which you can make your site look like an online magazine or Pinterest, It has also Image protection and watermarks, various layouts, any much more!

Lots of Beautiful Add on designs are also available of course with additional cost. Create your perfect website possible with ProPhoto. Try now!

Price: $199

5. Tribe

Tribe wordpress theme screenshot

The tribe is one of the best WordPress theme designed for writers who are passionate about typography and simplicity. It is a magazine style theme that is very easy to set up with great features that will help you make your ideal website possible! It is known to be remarkably simple yet powerful. With tribe, you can deliver your content in an appealing and eye-catching way that keeps the audience interested and constantly returning for more.

The whole design of the Tribe is ultra-responsive and Retina ready, offering you a site that can be accessed from any device, no matter the size or technology of its screen. It has 20 headline and body fonts you can use to emphasize your message. It is also integrated with Mail-chimp that helps you share email and ad campaigns with clients and customers.

Tribe theme is very straightforward and focuses on clarity that’s why it uses a minimalist design to keep your core content front-and-center on every blog post or page. Very easy to customize and coding skills is not really necessary. With its auto-update feature you don’t have to worry about getting the latest version it is free and done automatically once you logged in!

Overall, Tribe is a good choice for a magazine theme that is both content- and design-focused.

Price: $197

6. Pinotage

pinotage wordpress theme screenshot

Pinotage is a very elegant premium theme that is developed specially for hotels and wineries. With its wide range of popular plugins, you can easily make your website fantastic! This theme has been optimized so as to be user-friendly to mobile devices as well, besides wide-screen laptops or desktops.

Prime features of this theme includes; room and rates templates, room type template, custom templates for attractions and photo galleries, customization options (fonts, colors, etc.), easy hotel reservation system integration, multilingual support and WPML ready, optimized for mobile viewing, compatibility with popular plugins (The Events Calendar, Gravity Forms etc.), search engine optimized for speed, and more.! Get this theme now!

Price: $175

7. Infinity Pro

Infinity Pro is an elegant expensive premium WordPress theme that are well suited for a business website and personal blogs. It is also one of the most flexible StudioPress theme releases to date. With its reliable features, it is very easy to make your website stand out. The infinity Pro child theme will take your business website to the next level and help you to grow your business online. It also offers several theme customization options such as a landing page template, widgetized front page, lead capture page, and various custom layout options. and a lot more! If you’re looking for a perfect theme for your business website or an eCommerce store, Try Infinity Pro it might be the right theme for you!


Price $129.95



25 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes (2017)

You can find many themes around the web including premium and free. Here, we present you our collection of 25 Best WordPress Themes for Cafes that can help you build and handle your site easily. 


restaurant wordpress theme screenshot1. Restaurant Cafe 

Restaurant Cafe is a stylish WordPress theme that is tailor-made for restaurant related businesses. It comes with unique layouts and there is a drag-and-drop page builder, blog posts and portfolio posts builder which is very easy to use! With Max Mega Menu plugin you can take control of your existing menu and turn it into a user-friendly, accessible and touch-ready menu with just a few clicks!

dina wordpress theme screenshot

2. Dina

Dina is a simple and minimal WordPress theme that is suitable for cafes and restaurants. This theme is very user-friendly and packed with basic features you need to launch and manage your website. There are several styles and layout choices you can choose from and it has beautiful parallax background which makes your website more appealing to the visitors.

3.  Laseine

Laseine is a premium theme designed for cafe, pub & restaurant websites. The theme has elegant and easy to use admin panel, where you can customize colors, text, and social media. It has a fully responsive layout that will adapt to any mobile or tablet device.


laseine wordpress theme screenshot

4. Dine 

Dine is a premium WordPress theme that is made for class restaurants and cafes.It is built with parallax which makes the presentation more appealing and beautiful. Each element is fully customizable you can adjust fonts, colors, sizing, spacing and more.

dine wordpress theme screenshot

5. Rosa 

Rosa is a fully responsive WordPress theme that is best for restaurants. It is very easy to customize with modern features included such as online reservation and online ordering. It has Parallax Effect that can grab the attention of the people. It has speed optimization which is very necessary to run the website faster and smoother.

rosa wordpress theme screenshot

6. Sweet Life

Sweet Life is a modern WordPress theme optimized for restaurants, bars, and cafes.  It is good for the beginners because it is very easy to use and customize. It includes Jetpack plugin which is very useful and helpful. With Jetpack you can make social sharing easy!

sweet life wordpress theme screenshot

7. Cherry

Cherry is a specialized cafe and restaurant WordPress theme. It is retina-ready, has a fully responsive layout, cross-browser compatibility and one-click demo install. It also comes with unique and useful features such as event extension, smooth scroll, menu grid, menu masonry and a lot more.

spicehub wordpress screenshot

8. SpiceHub

SpiceHub is attractive and responsive WordPress theme. It has special features such as working booking form, a specialty of the week, fantastic and fabulous menu. It is pixel perfect with Google Maps integrated to locate places and with the Parallax Composer you can create a beautiful portfolio and showcase your product to the world.

cafe pro wordpress theme screenshot

9. Cafe Pro

Cafe pro is a contemporary and very responsive WordPress theme suitable for cafes and restaurants. Layout design is completely customizable and has a lot of variations. It is mobile responsive and can work perfectly optimized for every browser, device and screen size.

delicio wordpress theme screenshot

10. Delicio

Delicio – a flexible and beautiful WordPress theme designed not just for restaurants and coffee shops, but for any business looking to create a captivating presence online. It has Live customizer which lets you make your preferred design. You can customize color, fonts, background, logo and more. Try Delicio now!

gusto wordpress theme screenshot

11. Gusto

Gusto is a WordPress theme tailored perfectly for Cafes and restaurants. The theme comes with the Power Page Builder, live customizer, handy web form, highly functional WordPress plugins. It is very easy to customize. With  Cherry Projects plugin you can make your presentation looks amazing!

paggani wordpress theme screenshot

12. Paggani

If you are looking for a stylish and modern look website theme, try Paggani. It is a premium quality, highly-customizable and minimalist theme that is perfectly best for any restaurant website. The homepage can be edited via a drag-and-drop display and menu items can be managed easily. It has a full-screen layout feature that allows you to showcase full-screen images of your most mouth-watering dishes!

italica wordpress theme screenshot

13. Italica

Italica is a premium Italian inspired WordPress theme that is fully functional and great for restaurant and food-related business niches. It has built-in power page builder which makes it easy for you to create fantastic and unique page layouts without coding. It has 6 awesome skins choose from. It is flexible, customizable, technically proficient, and yet, still easy to use even without coding experience.

duval wordpress theme screenshot


14. Duval

Looking for a Simple yet elegant theme? Duval is the perfect theme for you. It is a ready-made responsive WordPress theme template that is well equipped with useful and modern features such as Drag and Drop page builder, Multiple layout options, Live customizer and much more! It is also 100% responsive and looks amazing on any device.

bettaso wordpress theme screenshot

15. Bettaso

When choosing for a good WordPress theme for your cafe and restaurants consider Bettaso. It is a highly recommended template because it offers great features that can help you make your desired website possible. It comes with page builder plugin that allows you to customize your theme completely. Take control and make your website a restaurant that provides an excellent user experience!

downtown wordpress theme screenshot


16. Downtown

Downtown is a contemporary WordPress theme that is best for the blog, food, Recipe, cuisine website, bar, and restaurant. It is a highly-customizable and minimalist theme. It provides your site with simple, clean appearance that makes your products look more appealing. It includes some nice elements and dedicated features like reservation form, filterable menu, recipe pages, Parallax effect and stylish transitions, built-in shortcodes, custom widgets, social media integration, Google maps, and much more.

gelato wordpress theme screenshot

17.  Gelato

Gelato is a simple yet responsive WordPress theme optimized for any food niche related business sites. With its food menu features, you can keep track with anything and make any relevant change in just one click! It has built-in support for WooCommerce so you can easily sell products online too.

aperitive wordpress theme screenshot

18. Aperitive

Aperitive is a classy theme perfectly suited for a food blog, bar, pub, and restaurants. Using the fixed two block layout can show a unique and modern style of presenting your business. It also comes with predefined menu page and reservation plugin which allows your customer check your current table availability in just a few clicks!

restorator wordpress theme screenshot

19. Restorator

If you are searching for a modern and stylish theme, give restorator a try! Restorator is a perfect WordPress theme suitable for restaurants, cafes, bistros, and bars. It comes with a full-screen layout and a smooth scrolling feature.

You don’t have to worry about how your site looks on different screen sizes because responsive layout optimizes overall theme presentation for tablets, notebooks, and smartphones.

lecker wordpress theme screenshot

20. Lecker

Lecker is a high quality and full featured WordPress template good for restaurants, cafes, bar and any related business. Utilizing the power of HTML5 and CSS3 animation, it brings you a beautiful design with lightweight code, which provides fast loading times. The theme is powered with Bootstrap so it is viewed easily on every device.

coffee luck wordpress theme screenshot

21. Coffee Luck

Coffee Luck is modern and clean restaurant WordPress theme that can help you make and an impressive online site. It is compatible with premium plugins such as Revolution Slider, Essential Grid, Visual Composer. The theme is fully responsive and Retina Ready so it looks amazing on any device.

foody wordpress theme screenshot

22. Foody

Foody is a high-quality WordPress theme that is well suited for any food-related websites. Everything in this theme is very easy to customize and the content is beautifully integrated with the theme’s classy design. It is responsive and any device Friendly Theme. It comes with parallax effect, and many animations that make the website cool!

tavern wordpress theme screenshot

23. Tavern

A simple and neat full-screen theme designed for any food niche related business sites. It comes with 4 Exquisite responsive layouts and equipped with premium and advanced plugins. The tavern has everything you need to create a beautiful and welcoming website that will attract more visitors.

rica wordpress theme screenshot

24. Rica

Rica is a premium WordPress theme that has special features for restaurants, cafes, bars, and any food-related business.It comes with one click demo install that makes everything so easy. It has 9 unique homepage layouts to choose from. The design is beautiful and looks very modern and elegant.This is a highly responsive theme comes equipped with many great features. Visitors can view a menu on any device with ease.

pizza house wordpress theme screenshot

25. Pizza House

Pizza House is an appetizing restaurant WordPress theme. It is easy to customize with no coding skills required. The design is very flexible thanks to a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you experiment with the layout and modify it the way you want. You also can manage reservations with the Booked Plugin. The theme is also translation ready, meaning you can reach almost anyone, anywhere.

5 PayPal Alternatives for Freelancers to Collect Payments in WordPress

5 PayPal Alternatives

Without a doubt, PayPal is the most widely-known and used payment platform in almost all of the eCommerce websites. Many people use it as their only way to pay for online services or purchases because PayPal provides all the standard functions you’d expect. Through PayPal it is so easy to send and receive money instantly without hassle, It is safe in a way that all your financial information is securely encrypted and flexible because you can link any of your cards and bank accounts and choose which one to use at checkout. It is very easy and convenient to use because you can send using any devices such as a computer, mobile and in Apps in just one click! Lastly, if something goes wrong, You can be refunded with Buyer Protection.

However, PayPal has downsides too.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the fact that they have a long list of rules you have to comply with. And there are plenty of other rules you’ll have to comply with and failure to comply with these rules can result in your account being locked, and your money being held for as long as six months during the investigation. Also, it has high transaction fees compared to others.

Fortunately, there are Excellent alternatives that can also offer you good or even better services. So, What are the best alternatives to PayPal? Here are 5 payment services you might want to consider as PayPal alternative.

1. Transferwise

transferwise image

Want to send Money with the real exchange rate? Transferwise is the best for you! It eliminates high bank fees for foreign exchanges by matching its users based on the currency they have and require. With Transferwise you can experience transferring money up to 8x cheaper than with the Banks.

It has bank-level security and very safe to use because it is fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. It verifies its user to protect against fraud and money laundering. It supports 500+ currency rates. So with Tranferwise you can send, receive, and organize your money all over the world with the real exchange without high fees.

When you signup for TransferWise using the link above, your first transaction (up to £500) is completely free.

2. Payza

payza image

Searching for a faster yet cheap way to send and withdraw funds? Try Payza it will provide you most convenient and affordable service. Payza is also one of the popular online money transfer that earns positive feedback because It makes your transactions Simple, Speedy, and Secure.

With Payza you can do your transactions anytime, anywhere without hassle such as Paying bills, Shopping online, Sending Remittances and more! Payza has KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to help ensure the security of the members and the network. It also identifies suspicious activity because of FraudMatrix.

Payza operates in more than one hundred and ninety nations and supports 25 currencies worldwide!

3. 2CheckOut

2checkout image

2CheckOut the also known payment processor that gains A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). It is known because of its quick and easy process feature. It doesn’t have an application fee, annual fee or monthly fee! Merchants can get started and sign up with One-time payment worth $49.97.

2Checkout is a reliable payment processor that offers many advantages for most online merchants, especially those just getting started.It is the best PayPal alternative for merchants. It is available in 196 countries through 8 payment methods, 26 currencies, and 15 languages.


skrill image


Skrill is one of the most affordable online payment options today. With Skrill, you can transfer fees instantly. It becomes widely popular because of e-wallets which allows you to make online payments conveniently and securely without revealing your personal financial data, as well as send and receive money online cost-effectively.

It has also low transaction charges fewer restrictions when it comes to security clearance which makes it hassle-free and much easier to process your transactions.

However, Skrill is not yet accepted as a payment gateway in many countries. This serves as a drawback for the people interested in overseas transactions.

5. Dwolla

dwolla image

Dwolla has proven to be a great option for many people because it is a free service with very low transaction fees. It can be used for payments between individuals, businesses, or both. Dwolla charges only $0.25 per transaction but free of charge for small amount transactions that are less than $10.

When it comes to security Dwolla is very secure to use because your personal financial information will never be shared with the other party when making transactions.

It has a unique feature called MassPay which allows you to process a thousand payments at a time. It also supports Android and iOs so you can make payments or receive money from your smartphones easily!

Dwolla is only available in limited countries they are still trying to launch its service to other countries. For now, Dwolla is a great PayPal alternative for US-based users.


Choosing the right payment provider is an important choice for any online business. There are now many options offering different levels of service and all you have to do is to check on each platform and review its services offered. Remember, you need to consider a lot of things such as; flexible and affordable service, seamless integration, high-security service,  excellent service and support and etc. Try to weigh the pros and cons.

Therefore, before choosing, consider doing a research first to ensure the payment you work with is the best for you!


Top 24 One Page WordPress Themes 2017

If you want to build a mini site or a website that consists of a single landing page then a One-Page WordPress Theme would be the best choice for you. It is ideal for small business owners since it is easier to launch and it highlights specific work or product. Here are the top 24 interesting ones in this category.


the moon wordpress theme

1. The Moon

Moon is a one-page WordPress theme that can give you the assurance to show off your website in a most creative way. Aside from that, you can always shift to the multi-page website without touching a single code! It is developed with Visual Composer to have an amazing back-end drag & drop page builder, Pixflow’s Custom Title to help you customize your website header in a stylish way and Toggle Blog to have an amazing animation and perfect usability.



the swenson wordpress theme

2. Swenson

Swenson is design oriented and UX focused theme with a fully responsive and retina ready feature. It is integrated with Crespo Panel where you can use panel options to run your site properly and Easy install where you can have the easy demo installer to have a smooth install. Also, it has easy icons where it already has 3 presentation types and 7 font icon library with 1000+ icons ready to use.



matx wordpress theme

3. Matx

Matx is a WordPress theme that’s known to have the cleanest material design with incredible layouts and is fully customizable without coding required. It also comes with a beautiful masonry layout which makes your content stand out.



zerif pro wordpress theme


4. Zerif Pro

Zerif Pro always got your back when you are building a website with awesome-looking content. It has translation and RTL ready where every element in this theme can be translated with free and premium plugins, live customizer for you to make your site look stunning and see the changes in real time and 1-click updates and fast support!



momentum wordpress theme

5. Momentum

Momentum is a simple and creative one-page WordPress theme. It is easy ideal for freelancers and agencies since it comes with the important things you need for you to exhibit your portfolio and work and sell your services to the world. It has Submenu support, optimized code, dedicated support, 400+ icons, responsive design and multiple introduction variations.



themo wordpress theme

6. Themo

Themo is a multipurpose WordPress theme with the powerful and intuitive interface. It is powered by Parallax Composer which is a tool that helps in animating graphics, texts, shortcodes and to play audio on websites without coding skills required. Aside from that, it also has multilevel colors management where you can change and customize any element’s color in just a few clicks.



brando wordpress theme

7. Brando

Brando is a responsive and multipurpose one-page WordPress theme. It is professionally designed and completely modern with portfolio and blog features. it is a perfect theme for the agency, architecture, personal, spa salon, photography, wedding, restaurant, travel, event, and tattoo.



h-code wordpress theme

8. H-Code

H-Code is perfect for online stores, creatives, e-commerce websites and business since it is a powerful, creative and responsive theme. It helps you be creative as much as possible since it is customizable with unbelievable layouts. It is also fully optimized for speed and SEO rankings with  Pingdom and WebPage test.



shore wordpress theme

9. Shore

Shore comes with 8 layouts for you to get started: full-screen slider, shop, creative studio, app landing page, full-screen video, ken burn slider, dark layout 1 and dark layout 2. It features Visual Composer Page Builder, WooCommerce, Ultra customizable portfolio with tons of awesome features such as Rich typography, SVG icons, contact form 7, Parallax backgrounds and more.



bridge wordpress theme

10. Bridge

Bridge is a bestselling WordPress theme since its launch in 2014 because of its dedication to great design, 210 complete beautiful demos, 4 premium plugins: Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, LayerSlider and Timetable Plugin. You can also choose from a variety of creative ways so that you can showcase your work and portfolio in a creative way.



you wordpress theme

11. You

You is a premium responsive WordPress theme with demos included where you can install it in just one click. You can use bend, slant or curve shapes for your content and make designs that are unique. It powered by WooCommerce, bbPress and Contact Form 7 with Unlimited headers.



cosonix wordpress theme

12. Cosonix

Cosonix has a Drag and Drop Visual Composer Page Builder, Revolutions Slider, MailChimp, Aweber and Paypal integration. It is the 1st one-page theme in the market place. It has 6+ different demos ready for 1 click installation, unlimited color variations and can setup is possible in just 5 minutes.



xiara wordpress theme13. Xiara

Xiara is perfectly crafted for freelancers, agencies, and business. It is responsive which is smooth, simple to use and clean theme. It also has unlimited Parallax ad page sections, custom page options, demo data included XML, Flickr Feed, Custom Portfolio Options and much more!



renova wordpress theme

14. Renova

Renova is a splendid and reusable portfolio theme that has flat design style which is a popular trend on the web that produces a clean and minimal look and feels. It is perfect for any devices since it is fully responsive. Also, it has full-screen background image slideshow and is built with Bootstrap 2.3.2, the World’s best responsive front-end framework.



disillusion wordpress theme

15. Disillusion

Disillusion is a one-page WordPress theme that is the best for any kind websites. It is fully responsive that makes your website look beautiful in devices like mobile, desktop and tablet. It uses scalable font icons and full-sized Google Maps and comes with newsletter form and email form.



candy wordpress theme

16. Candy

Candy is a WordPress theme that helps you promote your portfolio. It has best features: single page, slider revolution, HTML5/CSS3, Ajax Contact form, Filterable Portfolio, JQuery enhanced, flat design and sticky navigation.



boosterius wordpress theme

17. Boosterius

Boosterius has a responsive layout which can be turned on/off, one-click customizable design, Simple theme options settings and strong theme with pre-designed templates: home template, blog template, portfolio template and contact template. It also has automatic image and video on fly resizing and fancy box for images.



impress wordpress theme

18. Impress

Impress has an easy way of customization via the options panel where you can change colorization and fonts. It is translation ready that translation in any language is possible. It also offers a bunch of shortcodes and variations: image slideshows, quote sliders, lightbox images, and even floating share box, columns, services and etc.



treson wordpress theme

19. Treson

Treson has a design that is elegant and modern which is ideal to use for business, software, services, digital agency, and freelancer. It offers 3 different concepts: Startup, App, Software, 3 themes in one template that has its own font, button and style and50+ blocks that enables you to add a slider, videos, progress bars, tabs, FAQ, pricing a lot more.



vela wordpress theme

20. Vela

Vela is a beautiful one-page WordPress theme that comes with drag and drop page builder that is a great help for those who are always in a rush. It offers full-screen and parallax sections to have multiple section options with just a click, customizable Section Mask Styles so you can build a unique layout, One-page site option that auto-generates anchor tags and Ajax Live search for you to keep track and see the changes in real time.



miracle wordpress theme

21. Miracle

Miracle is a handcrafted pixel perfect responsive multi-purpose & retina ready premium WordPress theme. It has core features: Visual Composer for you to have a drag and drop back-end page builder plugin, Slider Revolution for wonderful animations and WooCommerce to build an online shop easily. It is also retina ready that provides stunning layouts on high-resolution screens.


willow wordpress theme

22. Willow

Willow is a clean and elegant theme that will truly guarantee you to have an impressive website. It is jam-packed with tons of premium features including Solo Pine’s acclaimed customer support. Also, it has a top-notch support from getting set up to troubleshooting.



palette wordpress theme

23. Palette

Palette helps you create either one-page layout or have the standard pages. It has Smart Management System that will ease your work when it comes to creating pages and is integrated by drag and drop GT3 Page Builder Plugin. Additionally, it has 1170px and 960px width support where you can choose any size in the theme panel.


thread wordpress theme

24. Thread

Thread is an elegant responsive theme that features page builder, custom per thumbnail cropping, drag and drop gallery management, localization ready and supports child themes. It has beautiful captions, multi or single page, admin color picker, 1-click demo import and 3 layouts.


WordPress Website Design Walkthrough with Divi Theme

Follow along as we take the Divi theme for WordPress and build out an entire, complete website for an actual client. We show you the entire process from start to finish, uncut.

This is the first site I’ve ever built using the Divi theme. In fact, I have only ever worked on a couple Divi sites, and only briefly, so this was all new to me. In addition to Divi, we also utilized the child theme Ally from Divi Lover. This is a premium, multi-use Divi template that looks great, is super flexible and was awesome to work with.

You’ll have to watch the video to see the amazing site we developed in under 2 hours. Links to resources used are below.

Divi Theme:

Ally Child Theme:

Stock Photos:


Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Bloggers 2017

Whether you’re commuting on a taxi, waiting for someone or anything, blogging is now at your fingertips! You can now create blog posts, add images, video, gifs and such through your phone. Also, you can stay connected with your friends even when you are away from home. So, here are the top 10 best iPhone Apps for bloggers.


1. BlogPress

BlogPress must be the best fit for you if you are into blogging! It is integrated with extra level of support together with service and training. Aside from that, it is combined with other social networks like YouTube, Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook where you can immediately share your posts with your followers and friends.

In addition to that, BlogPress has 150+ Premium Themes which is highly customizable and is convenient to set up. You can also make money with you blog unlike any other blogging services



2. WordPress

WordPress lets you write and publish blog updates wherever you are. Either you’re riding a bus or drinking your coffee, you can view and see who your visitors are at the same time. Here, you can catch up with your favorite sites and join conversation anytime, anywhere. Also, you can upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone.



3. Squarespace

Squarespace Blog presents to you all the tools you will need to write and edit posts and manage comments on multiple Squarespace websites. It also lets you format texts, create links, add photos and layout you love conveniently.

Squarespace also permits you to toggle between multiple websites and blogs easily.



4. Tumblr

Tumblr helps you in many ways! It helps you follow your favorite blogs like Politics, Movies, Memes and such where you can post anything as well. You can post GIFs, Quotes, Photo, Videos, Audios, and you can also share a link that you like. Aside from that, you can also interact with other Tumblrs by chatting them.



5. Weebly

Weebly allows you to create stunning websites and blogs. It is integrated with Drag and Drop Mobile Web Design where it has full mobile optimization and customization with visual editor that are simple. The good thing is that, you can see exactly how your website will appear for mobile visitors.

It provides various layouts and themes for you to make a splendid multi-device experience.



6. Cube – Your Mobile Blog

Cube is perfectly crafted for the convenience of bloggers who want blogging to be great and fun. It is designed to help you blog anything that interests you and share it to your friends instantly. You can build a personal brand, become top-rated in any hashtag, and connect with users who has the same interests as yours. However, if you want to learn more about blogging, you can ask questions and poll the community.



7. Blogo

Blogo makes publishing easy! You can choose from rich text or markdown, embed HTML or use syntax highlighting for your code. It has “Send to Blogo” extension so that you can add content from Instagram, Youtube and other apps.

If you want to have the best of Blogo, you can also switch to Pro where it has incredible features such as multiple sites for you to manage unlimited blogs, media search for finding awesome videos, gifs and music from Giphy, Youtube, Vimeo, Audience Booster to lessen the duplication of contents and many more.



8. Blog Touch Pro

Blog Touch Pro is a great blogger mobile editor. Here, you can work remotely and edit pictures direct from your phone. You can publish, update and remove posts and pages and reply to comments. For advanced blogging, rich text editor always got your back.

You can access everything whether your article has already been added with Blogger or if you just added it with BlogTouch.



9. Notegraphy

Notegraphy helps you write and publish anything you want to share with amazing style. It helps you to be creative as you can be while doing what you love-Writing! All you have to do is write, add any style that you want and you can share it to any social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and etc.



10. Hotsuite

Hotsuite helps you manage any social media content and conversations on your phone anytime, anywhere! You can access your Stream, Publisher, Compose Box, Search, and Settings. Since you can have it on your phone, you can see directly who commented on your posts and respond quickly.

You can connect with other attendees when you are going to an event by just searching the event hashtag and then add it as a stream which will directly sync with your desktop Hootsuite dashboard.

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