Ok so if you’ve been following my tutorial so far, you’ve probably at least got something looking close to my example site: minilaptopcomputers.biz. In my last installment we discussed setting up your product pages – as PAGES, not POSTS.

Now you’re probably left with a Blog page and wondering what to do with it. There are quite a few different options, but there are a few that I consider main choices:

1. Set up your Blog page as a Blog

This is great if you have a niche that you feel you can come up with a fair amount of content on.  For example if your niche is something really broad like iPhones, there are a ton of YouTube videos you can add, product reviews you can do, tutorials, news and many more possibilities, so you can really take full advantage of a blog. This is probably the best case scenario if your niche will accommodate it, and if you feel you can generate enough content to make it worthwhile.

2. Set up your Blog page as a Product Review section

You can do this really easily. If you want the name of the page to be Reviews or Product Reviews, just delete the Blog PAGE that I told you to build before, create a new PAGE called Reviews or whatever you want it to be called, and go to Settings -> Reading and update it as your posts page. This isn’t really that much different than leaving it as a blog, but could be good if there isn’t a lot of video and news content for your niche. For most niches, you should be able to come up with at least a handful of product reviews and it will definitely help with search engines. A Blog isn’t appropriate for every niche, so this is a good intermediate option if you don’t want either a full blog, or the next option.

3. Make Your Blog a Recent Searches Page with the Search-2-Post Plugin

This is a really nice way to go if you’re in a very targeted niche and there isn’t a lot of content available, or you don’t plan on ever adding product reviews, news or videos, which is absolutely fine. When you get to the point where you have 10 -20 of these sites going you’ll start to see that adding content on a regular basis to all of your sites is just not a sensible solution, so this is great if you want to put your site on autopilot. You can do this by first creating a CATEGORY called Recent Searches. Then create a PAGE called Recent Searches. Then follow the steps from #2 above to set Recent Searches as your posts page.  In the Search-2-Post configuration set it up to create new pages as POSTS in the Recent Searches category. Then you can also add the Recent Posts widget to your left sidebar as well. We’ll get into the Search-2-Post widget in the next article.

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