Are you planning to upgrade your basic B2B site into a new generation website Design? Having business with other businesses is a very challenging process. Most of the B2B websites today are changing or upgrading to become more attractive to their customers. There are lots of good website designs like WordPress Divi Themes available that you might use and become more competitive in these days.

Creating your own website is never easy, especially when you don’t know where you start. The Good news is in this video we will walk you through the process of creating your own B2B website using WordPress Divi themes from scratch.

I assume you have your own domain name since this is only an upgrade. But if you are new or returning into the internet world try creating your domain name at, or itself. Next, you need a host, since we are using WordPress platform I suggest checking out on WordPress is a self-hosted platform that gives us the advantage of the features that they can provide. They have a variety of themes that you can choose for your B2B site. Then you need to install WordPress and choose WordPress Divi themes for your theme design.

This time you are good to go and ready to edit your old B2B site as easy as copy and paste using WordPress Divi Themes.

Here is how to build your website with WordPress Divi Themes – B2B site using Header Extended and Divi Cloud.

Are you having fun creating your new B2B Website? I am sure after using WordPress Divi Themes and following our simple step by step training you have a stunning and competitive website that are fully mobile responsive.

If you need more complex editing of your new B2B website you can Talk To US for further tips. We have lots of great and very supportive teammates. They can help creat your brand new B2B website as if you have done it on your own but with extra hand. Our team worked with other satisfied B2B website owners and we deliver a website that is more than what they expected.

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