Well if you’re paying attention, then you’ve probably noticed this is my 3RD post TODAY. That is way above my usual average of one post every couple of months. The main reason for my doing so is I had a draft post about a new project that I actually wrote here, but posted in the Keyword Academey forum to promote my new site and get some articles flowing, which worked really well (by the way). I decided to publish it here because it was a good lead-in to my Category Content plugin review, as the plugin deals directly with the WordPress Silo architecture I used to set up this site for the project.

Anyway, this post is more of a general update on what I’ve been up to and the above project is one of just many things. I’m sure the suspense is probably killing you, so let’s get right into it.


I was really stoked about these sites because they were doing so much better – I did over $800 in October, and after getting the news about the bonus promotion, I thought I would be a shoe-in for the full bonus in November as my August earnings were under $400 (believe it or not) actually one of my lowest EPN months since I very first joined the program. Well unfortunately, I did not do as well in November as I did in October despite my best efforts.  I ended up with about $560 in earnings for November, well down from my previous month’s earnings. Funny thing is, I only had 3 less ACRUs and about $130 less in winning bid revenue. To me, it doesn’t seem like much of a diffrence to ultimately leave me with over $200 less in earnings, but at this point I’ve give up trying to make any sense out of the numbers, rather I just keep pluggin away.

On a positive note, I’ve been well above $30 per day in EPN earnings this month which puts me way above average, so as of right now, I’m on track for a full bonus this month, in addition to a real nice month in general.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted a ton over the last few months is I simply haven’t been doing anything that interesting.  Up until about the end of October, I was spending almost my full effort on backlinking my existing EPN sites, and making over a lot of them – giving them new themes, different layouts, and re-integrating PHPBay.  So far it has really paid off. I can finally say that my EPN income from these sites is probably at least 50% of my total EPN income, which is WAY up from first and second quarter of this year. I have a ton of these sites now ranking #1 for their main keyword and bringing in tons of traffic and sales.  I obviously still have a long way to go, but I have worked like crazy on backlinking these sites and I can definitely see the results.

As far as what I’ve actually done in terms of backlinking, my main focus was to increase the number of good quality backlinks to each site. To me, that means web 2.0 backlinks and article backlinks and backlinks to those backlinks. So that’s exactly what I’ve done. As of my writing this, I estimate I’ve sent a minimum of 20 of these “quality” backlinks to about 85% of the 100 sites. Theres a good chunk that I concentrated heavily on and have sent more than 50 of these links, and another good chunk that are in the 20 – 40 range. At 300 words per link, you can imagine how much work/money/time this averages out to be. But I have definitely seen the results, and they keep getting better every month, for the most part.  I’ve also been sending other links besides links from web 2.0 and postrunner – I’ve got a writer pumping out 200 Build my Rank posts for me per week. I’ve also continued to use BMD on my existing backlinks, and I’ve been adding some of these sites to Deep Linker Pro.

Overall, I’ve spent a lot of my work over the past few months working on this group of sites, and I’m pretty happy with the results. I will likely have the first round of quality backlinking complete within the next month or so, and then I’ll probably double back and hit sites that need them with more links.

Additionally, I want to expand a lot of these sites to target more keywords, and add much more unique content. I will probably start with the best earners and go from there.

Micro Niche Snipers

I’ve actually done a pretty fair amount of the same kind of backlinking on these sites as well, although I’ve probably only hit about 25% of these sites. They are a little bit harder to bring up in the rankings as it seems many of them are suffering some kind of EMD penalty. For example, in my 100 EPN sites, in about 8 out of 10 cases I have no problem bringing up rankings for a given site by simply sending more links at it. In those other 2 out of 10 sites, a good percentage of the sites I have problems with are the EMDs (exact match domains). Therefore, I think it is more difficult now to get these previously penalized EMDs back ranking again – however I have had some success doing so, and I’m continuing to both add more backlinks and also add new content to the sites, starting with the best earning ones.

Also, I have begun to switch some of these sites from Adsense to Amazon. I’ve actually been learning a lot more about Amazon lately. In fact, I hope to get my first check ever when their next payout comes around. I’ve been steadily getting more clicks and making more sales every day. I have one of these micro niche snipers that I recently converted over that has been doing quite well since the switch, and I haven’t even got it back ranking for its main keyword yet.

So overall, my focus here is going to be transforming all of these sites to amazon sites, most likely, and saving adsense for my bigger, higher quality sites.

I have found that I actually really love the Amazon affiliate program. I used to have a very bad opinion of it, but the fact of the matter is, it is extremely straightforward – you sell a given product, you get a set commission. There’s no guess work and no grey area, and I really love that about the whole program. I think one of my main goals for next year is going to be getting my Amazon income up.

Authority Sites

So right now I have 2 authority sites I started this year. One I started back in May, and one I just started.

I’ve put quite a bit of work in to the one I started back in May. Right now it is bringing in about $30/month, however it is steadly rising each month. Most of that income is coming from AdSense, with a little Amazon mixed in. I’ve got just shy of 100 posts on the site right now, all of which are good quality, keyword targeted and between 500 and 800 words with over 50% being in the 800 word range. They also almost all include pictures. Over 50 of those posts also have a minimum of 7 quality backlinks pointing directly at the post. So overall I’ve put a lot in to building content and backlinking.

The progress is slower than I expected, frankly. I think I made a mistake by building too many links to the site too fast, which may be causing it to take some real time for me to rank for my targeted keywords. I also obviously will need to build a lot more links. Right now, I have a posts scheduled to be pubilshing daily through the end of this month. I will probably get another 2-3 month’s worth scheduled once I start running low. I think for now I’m just going to keep publishing posts until I have all 200 of my original keywords I targeted represented on the site, then I will go back to backlinking them all. By that time I should be coming up on about 9 months of existence for the site, so it should get better.

I also have another site I’m working on that I just started, which I posted about earlier today. This is a pet related site in the broadest sense possible. I want to make this a huge authority site and rank for as many keywords as I can. I’m taking a different approach with the site – mainly, I’m going to focus more on adding content to my own site and less on backlinking initially. Since I put the site up about 3 weeks ago I’ve already added over 150 original posts, and received around 30 or so guest posts. The way I’ve been doing it is writing one long post 800 – 900 words on a group of keywords, then 5-7 supporting posts of around 300 keywords. The posts are all contained together in a silo, and the supporting posts all contextually link back to the main post. Eventually this should really help me build authority and also give me a lot of double and triple listings. I’ve got a huge spreadsheet I’m working on for this site, and it will likely take me a very long time to finish adding all the content.

When I first put the site up, it was actually getting between 20 – 30 google searches per day from the old content. Once that content got bumped from the index the traffic dropped to almost nothing for about a week, but already I’ve started climbing back up traffic wise, and have had some 20 search days recently based on the new content I’ve added. I think I want to wait until I can consistently get between 30 – 50 visits per day before I add AdSense, just to see what happens. Overall I think this site will end up being a winner, and hopefully by the end of 1st quarter I will have outsourced the entire production end of it to one person.


I haven’t gotten too much into reflecting on last year’s goals yet – but I plan to. One of my goals last year was to increase some difficult rankings for my e-commerce site. Well, without getting too much into that, I shattered those goals and really surprised myself in the process. I also have gotten some great results for my other clients. For this coming year, I really want to focus more on establishing my SEO presence and try to make more by doing less. The first thing I plan to do is dominate my local market. I live near Minneapolis which is actually a fairly large market and there are some fierce competitors.  My goal, is to get my current site Webcontempo.com ranking in the top 3 for Minneapolis SEO. But that’s not all. What I really want to do is start 2 new SEO related sites and get them ranking in the top 3 for SEO as well. One is going to be advertising a new SEO consulting business I’m going to start which will basically consist of a very high hourly rate that I will charge for SEO consulting. I believe it will be warranted based on my utter domination of my local SERPS. The second new site will be offering SEO to local businesses, which will consist of a much different offering at a much lower price point targeting a very specific local audiences.

This is likely going to take me a lot of work, but if I can land just a couple good clients it will be well worth it. My goal isn’t to get a ton of new clients, its just to get a few really good ones, and also stroke my ego a little bit in the process. There are so many crooks out there offering shoddy SEO services and I don’t ever plan on reducing the quality of my own offerings or misleading a client just to make more money, so I’ll be doing everyone a favor in the process. It should be a really interesting project and if I can pull it off, there should be some amazing results. One of the tactics I plan to employ is utilizing more social media. I have not been t0o much of a fan of social media SEO-Wise, but I really want to learn more about facebook, twitter, etc, and using them to leverage rankings/clients/authority/etc.

Other final thoughts

If you think this post was long, I promise I will have something that will dwarf it at the end of the year, reflecting on the previous year, and an in-depth look ahead to next year. A couple things I didn’t get around to covering in this article that I will probably mention down the road include outsourcing, some new SEO tools I’m trying out, a new thin-site strategy I’ve been working on, and more.


I have a ton of old websites, most of which were built before June of 09 when I joined the Keyword Academy and changed the way I did everything. Some of these sites have earnings, some dont. Some have traffic, some dont. Etc, Etc.

Point is, I want to sell off a bunch of these old sites that I don’t really do anything with anymore just for the simple reason that it will be less for me to manage. With my 100 EPN sites, my Micro Niche sites and the few large sites I have, I can keep track pretty easily, but with all these other sites I have floating around, it makes it tough.


Rather than take forever listing these all on digital point or wherever, I’m going to add a Page to this site with a list of everything I’ve got for sale – general description, traffic, income, what I would like to get, etc. If you have any interest, you can email me for more info and/or make me an offer.

This is on my TO-DO list for today so I hope to have this up within the next couple hours for your perusal and I will make another blog post to annouce it so it hits the RSS feeds. That will complete my RARE 4-post day.

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