It’s been almost 2 weeks since our launch, and I think it’s about time we started getting into some WordPress tutorials and tips as promised.

One of the hottest plugins in WordPress themes these days is the Featured Content Gallery 2.0 plugin – originally from, recently moved to This plugin allows you to add an AJAX content gallery to your blog which gives you a visually pleasing way to feature content on your Blog.

See What I’m Talking About

One thing that I’ve noticed is in WordPress 2.6.3 the post content does not display properly under the title. Also, some people would probably prefer to use the Excerpt field to dictate what conent they would like displayed on the home page, instead of pulling content right out of the post.

To hack the Featured Content Gallery plugin to display data from the excerpt field instead of right out of the post, you only need to make 1 minor modification to the code.

  1. Browse to
  2. Open up the file gallery.php
  3. If you’re using an HTML editor, find line 40. Otherwise look for the following line of code:
  4. Change “the_content_rss” to “the_excerpt_rss”
  5. Save gallery.php and upload the file.

You’ll need to go into your featured posts and add your custom excerpt into the excerpt field. You can also leave it blank, and WordPress will take the excerpt right out of the content.

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