This post is basically just going to be an update on my original post the other day – EPN Quality Click Pricing: Day 1. It’s been an interesting few days to say the least – at least as far as EPN Stats go.. I guess that’s not the most interesting thing in the world, but I digress…

I started out the month with a nice day of clicks. The following day, i found that while I still made a modest amount of money for Oct 1, all the money was coming from one site in particular which had an individual EPC of 0.23. My campaign level CPC was set at 0.06 for Oct 1, but none of the other campaigns had any earnings despite a large number of clicks. This was distressing, as I posted in my last post, but not the worst thing in the world.

October 2 stats became available, and things appeared to have began to level out.  My account level CPC was actually applied to more than 1 campaign. To be more specific, the account level CPC was applied to about 70% of my campaigns that received clicks. I was much happier to see stats like this, as they more closely reflected the preview stats I was viewing throughout September, and even better of course, my earnings also increased as a result.

I was hoping that things were just a little jumbled in EPN’s system, which would explain the bizzare first-day stats, and hopefully things would continue to improve daily until the system is fully on track. Unfortunately, when the Oct 3 stats were revealed yesterday, this was not the case at all. Shockingly, the stats were almost idental to the Oct 1 stats. I had an account level CPC, however all my earnings came from 1 campaign again, with an individual CPC of 0.34. The rest of my campaigns showed 0 earnings for the day. Basically it was a big step backwards, not what I was hoping for at all…

Today brought yet another different look as the Oct 4 stats became available. I opened up my campaign level report for Yesterday, and was extremely happy to see that nearly all of my sites showed earnings for the assigned EPC.  Only maybe 3-5 campaigns out of a huge amount showed no earnings – the extremely odd thing here: one of the sites showing 0 earnings for the day was the ONLY site which had any earnings on Oct 1 and Oct 3. Maybe some weird way of evening things out? Who knows?

Either way, the good thing is, today’s report was the closest yet to the preview reports I had enjoyed all of last month. Not that I won’t be surprised if I see something completely different tomorrow, but still, I’m encouraged by what I’ve seen. Probably the best thing of all – as a result of the new QCP model, and the seemingly accurate reporting today, all of my sites from the 100 EPN site in 30 day challenge received a healthy amount of clicks, resulting in the largest single-day earnings from the whole group yet. I’m really looking forward to seeing whether this trend will continue, as it will mean that I’m still on the right track with my experiment.

In related news, I’ve been periodically dropping in on the PHPbay forums and Official EPN forums, and I’m starting to see quite a few people having very similar problems as I have been. This makes me actually feel much better, as there is more and more evidence to indicate some kind of flaw in EPN’s reporting system over these first few days. I’ve seen people complaining of receiving several thousand clicks in one day – and showing sales, with a big fat zero in earnings for the day. I’m also seeing less and less people claiming they’re doing better under the new system. There were a LOT of people around the next claiming their earnings were way up under the new system based on the preview from last month/1st day earnings, but as the reality of this whole thing has begun to sink in, I think the bubble is bursting for more people daily.

Overall, I’m shocked at how rocky these first few days have been. I honestly didn’t predict anything near this level of inconsistency – especially since EPN made the situation out like they had been working on this system for over a year. I expected a seamless transition to be honest. The positives to take away are that:

1. If you’re experiencing problems, or seeing something completely different than last month’s preview report, you are NOT alone!

2. It’s still only a few days into it, and there’s a good chance that a few nuts and bolts need to get tightened. Since many others are experiencing the same problem, it’s more likely a global issue, and not something specifically related to the quality of your campaigns – that is definitely a good thing.

I’m not expecting much from tomorrow’s report, but I’m extremely encouraged by today’s and there are people who have faired a lot worse than I have, so I’m going to continue plugging away backlinking my sites and hope for the best!

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