So about 6-8 months ago, I got an unsolicited email for a new web based tool that could be used to check rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing. I generally don’t respond well to unsolicited emails, however this one captured my interest, so I decided to take a look. The website is Basically it’s pretty simple – you enter the keyword, and your URL and it spits out your rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Easy as that. Amazingly, I’ve been using this tool almost daily since the first time I tried it. It’s quick, simple and pretty accurate.

The Catch

The main problem with this tool is it comes with a catch – there is also a paid version. Whenever there’s a free tool that also has a paid version, the benefits of the free version are going to be somewhat limited. The main thing I don’t like about the paid version, is (last time I checked) they charge on a per site, and per keyword basis. This means if you’re like me, and track a large amount of sites, it’s not going to be cost effective.

Also – if you don’t sign up, they limit you to 10 searches per day. Luckily, you can sign up for a free account, like I did, and get unlimited searches as long as you log in first. Not only that, but with a free account you can also automatically track 5 sites with up to 5 keywords each. The cool thing about this feature, is you can opt to be emailed whenever your rankings for tracked keywords change.

Overall, I really love the service, but I do NOT recommend the paid service. Not only that, but a month or two after I received the first unsolicited email and began using the service, I received the same email again. I decided to email the tool designers and let them know I loved the tool, but the fees for the paid version didn’t work for me. They asked me to review their tool on my site, we went back and forth with emails, and ultimately they did offer me a discount on the paid service, but it was still nothing close to what I would be willing to pay. I believe SEO Elite has similar features, so I’m not willing to spend a ton on the service. Anyway, I was really fishing for them to let me try the paid version in exchange for a review on my site, however they never offered it, so that was the end of it.

I wasn’t ever going to review this at all, since they didn’t offer to let me try the paid service, and I certainly can’t recommend it based on the price structure, but I decided to review it after all because I use the free version SO much and quite like it.

Overall, I recommend everyone give the free one a shot if they don’t already have another tool they’re using for this.

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