Well I noticed that my feedburner chicklet is show 0 readers, which I know for a fact is impossible. I checked around and I haven’t seen a whole lot of buzz about any kind of glitch, plus other sites I have feedburner set up on are still working fine, but something is definitely up with this one. Anyway, if you haven’t heard, Google acquired Feedburner a while ago and by the end of February everyone will have to transfer all their feeds to Google.

So I pretty much figured transferring my feed would fix this problem. I logged into feedburner to transfer my feed, however I get to the step where it gives you the option to stay signed into Google as…, sign into another Google account, or create a new Google account. I select, stay signed in as… and click next and the page just reloads. I’ve tried this like 50 times over the past two days. I also tried changing the email address associated with my feedburner account, and I also tried creating a new Google account. No matter what I do, I can’t get past that page. And my subscriber count has been sitting at 0 for two days.

So what’s the next step? Not sure, I was hoping this was an error that would fix itself by now. I think if in another day or two it doesn’t start working, I’m going to get rid of my feedburner feed and create a new feedburner feed from within my Google account. So any of my current subscribers, if you notice a lack of feed activity in the near future, be sure to check and make sure I didn’t change my feed over.

I have some big things on tap this week, particularlythe release of my next installment of building an EPN affiliate blog from start to finish. I also have a second WP Commerce theme on the horizon as well. You’ll definintely want to be subscribed to my feed.

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