Ok so if you got through my mammoth post yesterday, at the end I hinted I would be doing an experiment with Fiverr. Well this one was pretty easy for me to set up, and I didn’t want to waste any time.


I got the idea for this from a thread in backlinksforum. Basically, the premise is to use services from Fiverr to rank a site. If you don’t know what fiverr.com is, it is a site where anyone can offer a service/product for $5.00. It’s a pretty cool site, and you can get all kinds of crazy stuff there. They do, however, also have a variety of services that could potentially be helpful to internet marketers – if you can wade through all the bullshit.


Ok so for this project I am using one of my 100 EPN sites that has not really been promoted.

Here are the site details:


keyword is in the domain name, but it’s not an exact match.

Site is almost 2 years old

Site only has 5 backlinks – all from Ezinearticles.


Main Keyword Data:

2 word term

3600 global monthly searches

Average CPC $3.34

In a specific segment of the Home niche

Starting Rank:

Scroogle: 46

The Plan

Ok so here’s the plan. I’m going to try to leverage services on Fiverr to push this site on to the first page.  There are a variety of different services on Fiverr for building backlinks. Many of them are really shitty, and in general, at least for starters, this is going to be a quantity over quality link building experiment, which is relatively contrary to what I normally do. However, I know a lot of people are using this kind of method with success, so what the hell? Might as well give it a shot.

So I’m starting out with 5 services. I will wait a couple weeks, evaluate from there, and either repeat some or all of the same services, or add additional new servicves as needed. The total cost to start for 5 services is only $25, so there is very little risk. Here are the services I will be using:

XRumer Blast: I’m going to have a pyramid of links set up using profiles. That means they set it up in tiers so that you aren’t pointing 5000 links directly at your site, rather you are pointing a fraction of the 5000 links at your site, then pointing another tier of links at the first tier, and yet another tier of links at the second tier, so overall your first tier of links which point to your site are going to be stronger.

Spun Article Blast: I’m going to have an article spun and submitted to over 1000 directories.

Blog Comment Blast: I’m going to have over 10,000 auto approve blog comments

SEO Nuke Blast: This involves several different things – first web 2.0s are automatically created with spun content. Then those pages are bookmarked and pinged, then submitted to RSS directories (I don’t know if that is the exact process but it’s something along those lines).

.EDU and .GOV Comments: I’m getting a handful of .edu and gov links. I am doubtful that the quality of these will make much difference, but you never know.

So that’s the first 5 services I’m trying out.  Most of these links are going to be really shitty, but I think it’s worth a try. I ordered up all of these services yesterday. So far the article service is the only one that has been completed, and my site is showing at 43 in Scroogle today – up 3 spots. I don’t know if that is natural or due to the links. I want to give this a couple of weeks from the completion date to see how effective – if at all- this is. Then I will evaluate and see how to proceed. It might just be a matter of doing another round of these services, or I might have to get a little more creative. I have some other really good ideas for building better quality links, but it will cost more for less links, so I want to try this first. I will definitely tracking my results here, so stay tuned.


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