So I recently got turned on to a new service – Flip Filter. At first I thought it would be similar to Freshdrop, which I already use, but actually it serves a much different purpose. Basically, Flip Filter is designed more for the everyday internet marketer – maybe not so much for domaneering, but for people who occasionally like to buy websites and domains.

So the first thing I really like about it is the fact that it aggregates WEBSITES for sale across the web – not just domains. So you’ll see listings from all the major sitesĀ  – Flippa, DigitalPoint, etc, in one place. That definitely saves me time, and also shows me stuff from places I wouldn’t normally look. I actually don’t care much for Flippa anyway, so I much prefer browsing their listings via Flip Filter.

Another nice thing they have is a good assortment of the most popular filters. So for example if you only want to look for AdSense sites, or E-Commerce sites, there’s a button for that right off of the main menu. That makes it easy for me to pop in real quick every couple of days just to glance at what’s new.

Here’s a basic idea of how the e-commerce site filter results look:









Nice, clean, easy to browse through quickly and check for winners – perfect for me.

So overall I’m really liking this tool a lot. As a matter of fact, on one of my first times using the tool, I actually stumbled across and existing site for sale that I really liked. Now I found that the site itself was way overpriced, but the niche that this site was in was actually brilliant. So I’m actually now going to be working on developing the idea here on my end into what will ultimately (hopefully) turn out to be a full scale ecommerce store.

My point is, taking the time to browse websites for sale is great even if you aren’t actually planning on buying a site. It can be a really good place to get ideas, and see real life examples of functional sites that are making money – this is great for beginners and advanced users, and something I have personally done with a lot of success for many years now.

Overall this tool is great. It’s affordable for the everyday internet marketer at just $9/month or $79/year – and they even have a free version that isn’t too bad if you just want to test the waters. You won’t be able to dig in too deep, but like me, you will be able to at least get a good feel for how it works, so I highly encourage everyone to head over to and give the free tool a test drive!

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