When you become a business owner there are numerous tasks that have to be taken care of. If you try to do them all yourself you will find that there never seems to be enough hours in the day because little tasks take up entirely too much of your workday. An easy solution to getting more done and expanding your business faster is to outsource tasks to virtual workers. Today, we are going to cover everything from top to bottom when it comes to outsourcing tasks to virtual workers.

Deciding When to Outsource

Each business is going to decide when they need to outsource at different times. All businesses are unique. Some businesses need to outsource tasks every day while others may only need to outsource tasks when they are backed up with other duties. Finding the right time to outsource is going to vary business by business. However, when your current employees cannot handle the day-to-day duties that they have been assigned outsourcing can be ideal so you do not have to pay a new full-time employee and include benefits and such.

Tasks to Outsource

Another factor that can be complex for businesses to decide on is which tasks they should be outsourcing. Some of the main tasks that you may want to outsource include, but are not limited to, payroll administration, background checks, content writing, video production, transcription services, web development & web design, and translation services. Additional information on how outsourcing the tasks that need to be done yet you do not have the time to do can help your business grow can be found here.

When considering outsourcing to freelancer, however, keep in mind that you should not outsource things just because you do not want to do them. If you start doing this you will find yourself hiring freelancers for everything and your profits are going to go down because you will not be doing anything inside of the business yourself. We all have things that we do not want to do yet we have to do, as we are the only ones who could perform the job the correct way the first time around.

Qualities the Freelancer or Agency Should Have

Before outsourcing tasks to anyone, make sure that you have done some background on the freelancer or agency. They should be experienced and contain the following traits.

  • Highly skilled, executive, or expert in your specific niche
  • Able to handle repetitive tasks
  • Contain specialized knowledge

How to Find the Right Freelancer

In addition to having the qualities that we previously mentioned you have to look for other signs that you are hiring the right freelancer since when hiring virtually you never actually meet the person who is doing your work. When first starting, you may want to talk to people within your network to see if they have some recommendations for you. Sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn can also be a good place to turn for network recommendations. If no one has recommendations for the type of freelance work that you need to be done in your network consider going to online services sites such as Freelanced, ODesk, or even Fiverr. When going to sites such as these you can find out how freelancers perform based on the reviews that their prior clients have left for them.

How to make it Work

Once you have found a freelancer things are just beginning. It can be a start of a good working relationship or a nightmare. If you want, your freelancer to benefit you giving them outlines of exactly what you need is essential to make sure they get the job done correctly the first time around. In outsourcing tasks, communication is key when working with virtual workers but if everything is explained to them correctly they can do your time-consuming tasks easily and help you expand your business.

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