Simple website design is important, but breaking up the content is also important. You can use video conferences or presentations to break up content and keep information relevant. Consumers are more likely to keep a consumer’s attention than text content.

Using high-quality video recording equipment, such as a camcorder or high-definition resolution laptop/personal computer is ideal. This is one video conferencing solution that prevents lag, pixelation and blurry images from being captured.

High-quality videos on a website aid in product promotion and engage clients/customers better. Videos should be kept short, such as 5-minutes or less to keep the consumers’ attention.

Maintain Fresh Content

Rather than keeping the same, stale video on your home page, consider posting a new video weekly. Create a video archive so that consumers can view previously posted content.

Consumers like updated and relevant content to view and read. A feature video presentation or shared conference is just the way to keep the content fresh and relevant.

Items to consider as fresh content:

  • Offer a weekly idea for use of the main product on the website
  • Share a video with a new use of the product or service weekly
  • Share news about new product or service development
  • Share a video press release
  • Announce company news

The readers will still be reading your content and looking forward to it when it is properly delivered and relevant.

Share Video Conferences

Video conferences, whether it is just your side of the conference or both, can be posted on a Google+ page or website. What this shows potential customers is how well you interact and how passionate you are about the product.

It is important to share video conferences via social media and allow them to be shared with other outlets. This gets more consumers interested and the product is viewed by more consumers.

Product development and marketing is very important. These are free ways to gain exposure to your product or service.

Allow for Social Media Sharing

On every platform that the video presentation or conference is posted on, you should have social media sharing buttons available to viewers. This includes Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest. Other social media outlets, personal blogs, and websites can also be considered with permission.

What this does for your product is allowing it to be plastered all over the Internet for more exposure. When a product is viewable via more means of communication, a better online reputation can be established.

Your communication with consumers regarding questions with your product or service should also be addressed promptly.

Breakup Text Content with Video

Consumers are finding that reading paragraphs of content are displeasing. Rather than having blog posts and articles cluttering the website, add in a few videos. Videos don’t have to be on every page, just with important posts.

This type of content is visual stimulation. Visual stimulation keeps consumers on a web page longer than text content. Direct consumers to view specific posts or products during these video presentations.

Stay in with the latest trends in web development. The same, boring, text-filled websites are getting less attention. Videos and visual media capture the attention of your audience much better.

The idea of improving the continuity, or flow, of your website by adding in videos and video conferences is to provide motion to a flat page. Motion is an attention grabber. Some photo media can do the same thing as a video.

It is a good idea to keep a video archive, including a video conference library, on your website. This is an ideal way for consumers to get valuable information. Listening to a video gives them the opportunity to multitask rather than sit and read pages of content.

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