While nobody like to put a maintenance page on their WordPress website but it is really unavoidable especially when you are starting or adding page information to your page.

In this article, we will share how some of the known websites creatively design their maintenance pages to their WordPress sites.

We will start with the question why and when do we need a maintenance page on our WordPress Site.

Normally you can do most things on your WordPress site without even taking it down. But, in some cases, you need to put your site in maintenance mode to avoid conflicts.

Example of this is if you are moving your WordPress site from your local server to become live or switching to another server.

Another situation is if you are running an online store or membership site to make sure user sessions don’t end up abruptly and to make sure customer orders aren’t lost.

Question: How to Create a Maintenance Page in WordPress?

There is a plugin called WP Maintenance Mode. You can check it out, they have review and installation process or you can search for how to install WP Maintenance Mode on search engines.

After activation on your WordPress Dashboard, you can visit Setting > WP Maintenance Mode to configure plugin settings like adding a background image, choose design options, and add a custom image if you like and it will show on the maintenance page.

Now we can talk about the design you might follow to ensure a creative maintenance page.

Example of how popular brands use their Maintenance Page

Maintenance Pages are not visible for a long time but definitely make an impact you the visitors to your site. Ugly error pages generate a negative effect on your brand while creative Maintenance Page does the contrary.

Here are some examples of creatively done Maintenance Pages.

Short and Sweet


Atlassian’s Maintenance Page

Twitter’s famous ‘Fail Whale

Twitter’s famous ‘Fail Whale

Instead of adding all the details about why you down make it simple and short. This way you can avoid confusion among users and visitors and deliver the message clearly.

Be Compassionate


GitHub Maintenance Page

If the user eagerly wants to visit the page and turn out to be on maintenance it’s a bit frustrating. You need to recognize the trouble that causes by the maintenance, apologize and promise to work hard and fixed the problem as soon and possible.

Be Humorous and Entertaining


Patreon Maintenance Page

Product Hunt

Product Hunt Maintenance Page

Flickr used image for maintenance page

Flickr used image for maintenance page

Tumblr maintenance mode message

Tumblr maintenance mode message

If you are on maintenance user feel a waste of time visiting your site. Some might be angry and annoyed. A good humor from your site will surely make a difference.

Familiar Look and Feel

Apple uses brand’s logo, colors, and style

apple background maintenance

Unlike the live website, using brand’s logo, colors, and style will make the users attention to focus on the message and make the page more effective. This can also help you build your brand recognition.

Countdown for Return

Etsy did it on their maintenance page

Etsy maintenance page

A countdown timer will make your site livelier if you add it and users can expect when your site will be back. For some, they do not want to add a timer to the site, it’s fine you can still add the estimated time when the site will be back online.

Progress and Updates

Upwork uses live updates to their maintenance page

Upwork maintenance page

Some popular websites add status updates right on the maintenance page, they also use Twitter and other social media to make the users updated.

Additional tips when scheduling your maintenance on WordPress.

Check out the least busy time on your site to use and it is advisable to send out emails or status updates to inform users about the upcoming maintenance.

Try also to keep in touch with users using twitter or any social media you prefer. Most importantly make sure your website will be back as soon as possible.

We hope this article helps you in some ways and make your site creative, insightful and beautiful. If you need help on your site on page maintenance or anything about your WordPress site Talk to Us.

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