I guess it’s a little premature to actually say results, since I haven’t built a site using the keywords I’ve found with MNF yet, but I wanted to drop a quick update on you. As I mentioned on Monday, I decided to give Micro Niche Finder a shot. I bought it at the end of the day on Monday, and before I went to bed, I already had a list of about 35 new keywords I really like – and that’s only from maybe 30 – 60 minutes of using the tool – not only that, but I literally installed the program and started cranking out searches, I didn’t need to read the manual or watch the videos or anything (although I did do that the following day to fill in a couple blanks).

Initial Reaction

Well, I can honestly say I’m blown away so far. In fact, if the results reflect my initial reaction, I will be kicking myself for having not picked this up sooner. For one thing, I ran a good handful of niches I used in my 100 EPN site challenge, and they all (the ones I tested) had the maximum SOC rating (strength of competiton), which explains exactly why they were all sandboxed. On the other hand the keywords from my micro niche case study all fared much better.

One of the best things I liked about this software is the brainstorm feature – just click the brainstorm button and MNF will bring up a page of 25 keyword ideas. I’ve found that on average, I find a good keyword every 1 and a half searches or so. So i can just sit there for an hour brainstorming and moving keywords with potential to a project bucket, then go through for deeper analysis, all without really having to do too much thinking.

So, so far I’m really encouraged by the results. I narrowed my first project down to 10 keywords that I think look really good – 5 exact .com keyword names and 5 .net, all with very very low SOC – I believe under 30, which is pretty low. I’ve got articles in production for each site, due back with plenty of time to spare before the end of the month. I’m also trying 300 word articles this time, as opposed to 500 word articles, as I want to see if there is any big difference – If I can use 300 word articles and get the same effect as 500 word articles, I can get about 40% more articles, and that either means I can make more sites, or have more backlinks right away. So I plan to bust these out all next week, and see what happens. With the amount of time I can save on keyword research with this tool, I can probably put up at least a good 10 – 20 of these micro niche snipers each month with no probs. The main thing is, I want to see how many of the 10 don’t get sandboxed, meaning I can rank them and get earnings quickly.

Micro Niche Sniper Case Study

Brief update on this – I still haven’t seen a lot of movement on anything yet – the site I did social bookmarking on and directory submissions on is still hovering around the 100 mark, the site I did 10 GPS submissions on is not on the radar at all – I think this is the most competitive niche of the 4, and the site I added blogroll links on is in the top 100, but has yet to crack the top 50. I’m still pretty hopeful for that one, though. The bright spot, is the one site that has been in the top 10 pretty much since I launched it has been holding strong – not only that, but I added AdSense to it on Monday, and it has been averaging about 0.75/day this week with a CTR around 30%, not too shabby. Not only that, but one of the additional 2 micro niche snipers I launched last week has also earned me about 1.00 over the last two days. For my latest two micro niche snipers, both are in pretty specific niches in the automotive area. They are both specific keywords from a more broad root keyword that I already have a successful site covering. The sad thing, is the successful site was banned by G a while back, so I can’t send any links from it to my new sites. The good thing is, even though it was banned, I get great yahoo and bing traffic and it is one of the rare sites that I do well with both AdSense and EPN on – so my idea here was to take advantage of these keywords I know convert well and are pretty well untouched by other IM’ers, and build the sites correctly so they don’t get penalized by Google. I sent 4 GPS links to one of the micro niches, and I gave the other one a quality contextual link from another automotive site I have that has some decent juice. So far the site that I did GPS submissions on is the one that’s earning, although both appear to not really be ranking for their main keywords yet. It’s a little early to tell. If I can hit on 2 out of my first 6 sites, I will be pretty stoked about that. A 33% success rate will make me quite a bit of money and the other 66% of these sites will eventually get ranked most likely.

2nd MNF Test

So while I’ve got this going on, I also have another idea I’m going to try. I mentioned above that I have an automitive site with some decent backlinks/PR. It’s a preowned domain I bought a while back to use for SEO on some serious money sites, and I’ve mostly just been adding articles for contextual backlinks. Now, my plan is to use MNF to try to uncover 50-100 really low competition automotive related keywords, and add 1 article to this site for each keyword. Then, backlink the articles individually as needed. As opposed to building 100 new automotive micro snipers, I’m going to just treat each page within one site as it’s own separate entity and see what happens. I think by doing this, I will be able to get this automotive site earning something daily, and I’ll also increase its value as a tool for linking to my other sites. Probably the most important thing about this, is it is a really easy way to target keywords containing trademarks. These keywords are in many cases easier to rank for, but they aren’t as good for niche sites because you have to use the trademark in your domain and risk getting it yanked, or not use it and lose the exact domain bonus. It shouldn’t be a problem going after some of these terms using a generic automotive domain with exact page names, and I won’t really be risking anything. If this works, I know several niches I can exploit with the same methods very quickly, so it should be interesting to see the results.

Overall, while I’ve basically written a really positive MNF review, I’m still holding back from giving it my full recommendation. I love what I’ve seen so far, but the results that will do the talking will come in the form of Adsense clicks. I should know for sure within the next 4 weeks whether this thing is the real deal, and I’ll give it my full recommendation at that point.

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