Ok, so if you’ve been tuning in regularly, you may remember I mentioned about a month ago, or so, that I was working on some new micro niche sites. Basically, these are just like my EPN sites, but the niche is more focused, and thus it should be easier to rank the sites and get targeted traffic. The overall earning potential is likely a lot lower than with my EPN niche sites, but I should be able to avoid the sandbox with most of these sites, and see much quicker earnings. So in my attempt to reach my first New Year’s resolution of kicking my Adsense earnings up to $50/day, my first new affiliate project this year is going to be working on deploying a handful – 20 – 50 of these micro niche sniper sites.

First things first, this time I plan to do a little testing and have solid game plan going into it. I researched and set up 4 of these micro niche snipers at the beginning of December and I haven’t done a lot with them since, but they are all aged now, and believe it or not, I’ve actually made ~ $2.00 in adsense so far off of a couple clicks. So now I am ready to test some different promotion strategies with each site, and see what brings the best results.

First, some background on the 4 sites:

Site 1

  • 645,000 google results (not using ” ” for my searches on any of these)
  • Exact keyword .com domain name
  • Targets a product – very obscure
  • Currently ranking #8 in google for keyword, was ranking #5 for almost all December
  • Currently showing 0 backlinks
  • Have NOT added AdSense to this site yet

Site 2

  • 475,000 Google search results for the keyword
  • Exact keyword .com for domain name
  • Targets a product in the energy/home niche, relatively common product
  • Currently not ranking in top 100 in Google for main keyword
  • Showing 11 backlinks – I submitted several Ezines with a link to this site in the bio
  • This site DOES have Adsense installed

Site 3

  • Keyword returns 270,000 results in google
  • Exact keyword .com for domain name
  • Targets a product in the health/fitness niche
  • Currently not ranking in the top 100 for its keyword, although it was at one point
  • Site is showing 0 backlinks
  • This site DOES have adsense installed, has earned ~2.00 so far

Site 4

  • Google returns 168,000 for this keyword
  • Exact keyword .com for domain name
  • Product related keyword in the health/fitness niche – same niche as #3, more specific keyword
  • Site is currently ranking #59 for its main keyword
  • Site currently has 0 backlinks showing
  • This site does NOT have Adsense installed

So these are the 4 sites. I have hardly touched them at all since I originally deployed them at the very beginning of December, and they are all a little over a month old now. The only site I did any kind of promotion with whatsoever so far was site #2 – I wrote a handful of Ezine articles in a popular topic, with a link to this site in the bio – this is a technique from the X-Factor system, which appears to not work at all. Anyway, other than that, I’ve done literally no other backlinking on the other 3 sites, and I’ve currently got 1 of the sites on page 1 already.

So my initial strategy is to try a few things starting ouut, and see what gives me the best results.

For site #1, I’m already on the first page, I just want to stay there, and ideally move up a few spots. I’m going to try conservatively using automated social bookmarking to send a few links at it every couple of days. I’m hoping this will be enough to move it up closer to #1, and still keep it from being sandboxed. I also plan to wait until at least February to finally add Adsense. As it stands right now, sites #2 and #3 are the only ones currently monitized, and also are the only sites not ranking in the top 100. I believe all of these niches are specific enough to avoid sandboxing, so I want to see if there may be some kind of “penalty” for putting adsense on too soon. I’ll know more once I send more links to these sites, and see if they start to rise, or remain out of the top 100.

For site #2, I’ve already sent a few off-topic ezine links to this site, but I plan to send 10 more 300 word web 2.0 links at this site this week to see if it helps bump me up at all. These 300 word articles will all be on-topic, and hopefully will at least push me back into the top 100. Since this site already has a few links showing, I can probably send all 10 links at once and it shouldn’t be too big of a deal.

For site #3, this is my other site that currently runs AdSense and has actually earned me a couple dollars already. For this site, I’m going to do a manual social bookmarking run, and also do 250 manual web directory submissions. I’ve had some nice success on really specific niches submitting to manual directories in the past, so I want to see if it helps. One thing I like about it is, the directory links don’t always get instantly added, so its a nice way to slowly drip in new links.

For site #4, I’m also going to send 10 x 300 word article links to this site via web 2.0’s. Since this site has 0 links showing right now, I’m going to stagger the submissions a little bit – probably over the next two weeks. This is the most specific of this whole group of sites, and I don’t think it will take much to get it ranking, but we’ll see.

There’s no guarantee that any of these promotion techniques are actually going to work, but I think it’s worth a shot. If I find that I can get these really specific niche sites ranking quickly simply via bookmarking and directory submissions, it will make it really simple to scale the whole operation up. Really, same with the web 2.0 article links. I mainly just want to see what’s most effective, and try to get a better grasp of how big an impact it makes to put AdSense on the site right away.

I have 2 more mirco niche sites I was able to get deployed yesterday, and they also are in a very similar niche, so it should be really easy to run another split test with them.

Last, I’m going to give Micro Niche Finder a try as well, to see if it works better than my current methods for finding new niches, and I’ll be testing several of those niches over the next month or so.

I’m getting cracking on this right now, and I will try to report back on the progress regualrly.

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