Do you want to change your website’s design? Most of the business owners are using the internet to showcase their products or services. Nowadays, there are lots of great website designs available in the market and you might be left behind from your competitors if you stick to the old design. Over the years, lots of great website themes emerge. It comes with an advanced set of features that provides an enjoyable experience to your visitors. We have clients that want their old site with the same content to become new and give it a brand new look and fully mobile responsive using WordPress Divi theme and I will teach you how.

I believe you have a domain name and host from the old site but if you want a new domain name or new host you can have that too. We suggest Bluehost, Hostgator or any host that is supported by WordPress. We will use WordPress platform because it is user-friendly and have a variety of themes that you can use for your website. After installing WordPress you will choose WordPress Divi themes design.

This time I will walk you through a process of changing your old to a new fresh, beautiful and fully mobile responsive website. This is the actual client’s old site transformed into a new and competitive website below.

Here is how you move your site using WordPress Divi Theme

I hope you have created a new website that can compete with the new generation websites. If you need more help about moving your old site to a new one, don’t hesitate to talk to us. We have a lot of great people and a very supportive team that can help you create your own site as if you created it on your own but with an extra hand. We have plenty satisfied client that proves we deliver a website that is more than what they expected.

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Ally Child Theme:

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I hope you learn a lot in this video and hoping we become partners in the future. Cheers


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