I’ve got 2 new free WP themes ready for release. The first is going to be a new WP Commerce theme for use with EPN and Amazon affiliate sites. The second is a magazine style theme with some cool features.

The problem – I’ve been using the Theme Switcher plugin to display my theme previews, and it works great in some cases, but themes that have an unconventional sidebar setup don’t display well. A good example is my WP Commerce Steel theme preview. I need to find a way to display all my themes so that they look finished, and don’t have any weird looking sidebar problems.

I was going to try to tackle this with WP MU, but I can’t get the install to work, partially I think because I have a regular WP install in the root directory.

If anyone has any good suggestions for a good way to do this, I would really appreciate it, and I will quickly release my two new themes.

In other news, I’m also still looking for more feedback in regards to the EPN tutorial series. So far I am still planning on doing a tutorial covering how to set up the Flexi Pages widget, and how to set up the most recent Search-2-Post release. If anyone has other ideas for tutorials, let me know. I’m working on the marketing and promotion portion of the tutorial and I’m thinking of going through it by combining it with a live case study, to pinpoint particularly effective marketing techniques. Stay tuned.

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