Easy Online Ordering

This website was developed to allow visitors to purchase services via the website from any type of device.

Custom Testimonials

We implemented a custom testimonial system to allow the client to easily manage and display their testimonials.

Resume Management

We developed a custom resume management system to allow the client to upload and display sample resumes in a lightbox gallery.

Minnesota Web Design Portfolio

Custom Content Management Enhancements

Minnesota Web Design Portfolio

Online Ordering From Any Device

Minnesota Web Design Portfolio

We approached the Virtual Career Consultant redesign process first by creating a completely custom design, using a full width layout to make it look more contemporary.

We integrated WooCommerce to allow for online ordering of various services, and customized it to seamlessly match with the rest of the website.

Because testimonials are very important to the client for developing new business, we created a custom testimonial management system for the client to easily manage testimonials via the WordPress interface.

Another challenge we faced was displaying resume samples, as this is also a key selling point for the client. We custom coded a lightbox gallery to display the samples and attached it to a custom WordPress backend management tool allowing the client to upload, edit and delete resume samples.

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