Have you heard of the term “Psychology of Color?” According to this study, 90% of snap decisions of consumers are based on color alone.

Yes. Color can provide a powerful impact on your business. And believe it or not, correct color selection of brands and logos can often lead to more visitors and potential customers.

What is Color Psychology?

Psychology of ColorStuck in a room with red color often give you anxiety? Does orange color calm you down? Seeing a yellow color irritates you?

Have you ever wondered why such colors affect your mood? This is the psychology of color. Although the effects of some colors can be subjective and can be different from one person to another, there are also colors that have a universal effect on people.

The red-colored spectrum can be seen as giving off a warm feeling, including orange and yellow. These colors may be giving off that warm feeling but sometimes also invoke hostility and anger.

The light-colored spectrum gives that calming and relaxing feeling like blue and white colors but can also give that sadness and disappointment feeling.

How Does the Psychology of Color Affect a Business?

For example, imagine yourself casually browsing the internet, looking at products related to summer. Now imagine arriving at a website that sells summer attires and items. But the color scheme is a black and yellow combination depicting a “night-life” or a “bar” kind of feel. Would you be interested?

You probably will buy their products but you have to will take a while to decide and probably will not buy it at all.

On the other hand, imagine arriving at a site with a blue and white combination, along with the waves on the background. And you saw a not-so-awesome summer attire but a summer attire nonetheless.

With the combination of the correct colors and the summer vibe that the website provides, you will surely purchase an item there.

See the difference? Colors can greatly define a person’s mood and can give them a push to purchase an item.

This is just an example of course and can be wrong based on your respective preference and culture. But we cannot deny the fact that color gives a considerable amount of impact.

Colors and Products

Of course, colors not just amplify a business, it can also amplify products. Here are some examples:

Black – mysterious, powerful, and luxurious. Which is why most black-colored cars are often described as “luxury cars”

Red – Displays Sexiness, “attention-grabbing”, and confidence. Owning a red car makes people turn their heads towards your car or using a red lipstick gives that sexy vibe of a woman.

Yellow – Happiness and approachable. Also, a not spoken effect of yellow is its ability to be seen from very far away. Which is why every single taxi in cities like New York have yellow colors.

White – Purity, cleanliness, and sense of youth. Which is why most wedding dresses are white.

Silver – Cutting-edge, modern, and high-tech. Most high-powered and high-performance modern tech are colored silver including gadgets and cars.

Gray – Subtle, quiet, and unpredictable. According to studies, gray colors give that subtle and quite vibe which is why some people prefer gray colors.

These are just some of the examples of how colors affect the vibe of a product. Of course, these selections are not final and can be affected by the preference and lifestyle of a person.

You may be a quiet person but prefer a red color on your car. Or a powerful person but prefer a gray-colored car.

Colors and Branding

It goes without a doubt that having the right color for the right brand is perfect for a business. Choosing the perfect color for your brand can help you stand out. In the study called “The Isolation Effect,” it stated that “an item that stands out is more likely to be remembered.”

According to the participants of said study, they often remember items, a text or image, that stand out rather than those who do not. With that in mind, choosing a color that stands out is often the way to go. But you should also keep in mind the perfect color for your brand.

A Few Words

The psychology of color is a vast topic. Colors were discovered in 1666 by Sir Isaac Newton when a white light passed on through a prism resulting in a different spectrum of different colors.

Now, hundreds of years later, there is still no specific colors that can be labeled as the “ultimate color to boost more sales.” Since the preference of a person differs from one person the next along with the kaleidoscopic nature of colors, the color combinations, and also the possibilities can be somewhat endless.

The best way to approach the issue now is to choose the correct colors for your brand and make it stand out among other competitors.

And that is it!

We hope you find this article helpful.

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