Ok so some of you may remember that I posted a while back about deciding NOT to buy SEO Power Suite. Well, times have changed. I’ve had an opportunity to test out the enterprise version and I have to say that I really am incredibly happy with how it has been going so far. Particularly Rank Tracker.

When I was originally considering purchasing this software, it was primarily because I heard from many reputable sources that Rank Tracker is the most accurate tool out there in terms of tracking keyword ranking. Not only that, but it is one of the only ones I found that could really work well for tracking a large amount of projects at the same time and fit my personal situation almost perfectly.

So luckily, despite the fact that I originally decided not to buy the software, I got a second crack at it, and I’m really glad I did, because so far it has been working excellent.


Accurate Results – so far, this tool seems to produce the most accurate possible results I’ve been able to find anywhere. I even prefer it to scroogle. Not only is it accurate with Google, but also seems to work great for Bing and Yahoo.

Supports a WIDE range of search engines – This doesn’t just track Google results. It doesn’t just track Yahoo and Bing results. It tracks results from virtually any search engine you could want, including the various Google’s from different countries. This is an EXTREMELY useful feature.

Proxy Support – This is great because I already have fresh proxies every week that I use for other things, so I can easily just plug them into the tool.

Detailed Reports – This is such a great feature. In the past, I had to create my own reports by hand every month for my SEO clients. No more. Now, I can easily generate detailed ranking reports in about 2 seconds. Not only that, but they include about 50 x more data than what I was previously providing to my clients, so they get a lot bigger benefit too, and it actually SAVES me time. Pretty amazing.

Automation – By far my favorite feature of rank tracker. I can schedule rank tracker to check ranks for all my desired keywords in all of my projects nightly, or at whatever interval I need. Then I can also automate the reporting as well. So for example for some of my own personal projects, I have a report automatically emailed to me every Friday. For my SEO clients, I will get the report once monthly. This saves me an incredible amount of time and is worth the price alone.


– The interface is a little bit ghetto. It’s not bad overall, but it does look a little dated. That being said, I would rather have something that WORKS over something that just looks good.

– I tried for over an hour to figure out how to automatically send a report to multiple email addresses and couldn’t find a solution.

That’s pretty much it, and these are both really minor drawbacks in the grand scheme of things. Overall, I will use this software heavily for both my SEO clients and my own personal projects. I can say without a doubt that it is well worth the investment. Believe me – I’ve looked for an alternative and could not find one that even comes close to stacking up against rank tracker. If you’ve been on the fence about getting this product – get it.

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