Ok, finally got my sites for sale listed. Posting it here as a post also for anyone reading this via RSS. I will update the page and remove any sites that sell, however I’m not going to be updating it on this posts in the future – so if you are planning on looking another time, use the page as it will be up to date. If you have any questions, hit me up any time. Here’s the info from the page:

The following are all sites for sale. These are all actual websites (not domains) unless otherwise stated. If you want to see more stats,  the URL of the site, or would like to make an offer hit me up anytime and I will be happy to help.

I have stats to back pretty much everything listed below up. Just let me know if you want to see them for a given site. Most of these domains are regged at either Bluehost or Godaddy.

If you think I’m tripping about any of the asking prices I listed, feel free to make an offer. Some I’m firm on, some not.

#1 –  Hair Loss Site

  • 9 year old domain (I have owned for 1 year)
  • General hair loss site
  • Has received around 20 – 30 guest posts
  • 36 backlinks

I’ve had this site for about a year, it has never been monitized. It has been hooked into the Postrunner system and has been receiving periodic guest posts. You will need a Keyword Academy membership if you want to continue using it with postrunner. This site is aged, well indexed and ready to go!

Asking Price: $150

#2 – Android Cell Phone Related Site

  • Around 3 years old
  • $300 all time adsense earnings
  • Also has EPN earnings
  • Keyword domain

This site has at least 100 posts, many of which are videos. It also has a custom javascript game section with ads integrated. I have done nothing with this phone since the G1 originally came out several years ago. With all the new models of Android phones on the market, there is huge potential here. This site is a decent earner and needs a great home.

Asking Price: $500

#3 – Prostate Cancer Site

  • I have owned site for almost 2 years
  • minimal adsense earnings
  • Keyword is part of the domain

This is a site in the Prostate Cancer niche that I bought and never did anything with. It gets an occasional adsense click. Not much content to speak of. Fully aged and indexed, ready for your content!

Asking Price: $35

#4 – Florida Fishing DOMAIN ONLY

I originally bought this as a full site. Not sure what happened to the site, but it was kind of shitty anyway. This domain is indexed and ready to go.

Asking Price: $10
#5 – Make Money Online/Technology related site

  • PR 1
  • Great brandable domain
  • At least 3 years old
  • 116 backlinks
  • Has had adsense revenue in the past
  • Tons of posts
  • Custom theme

I originally bought this site on digital point for $250. It has a very brandable name and I’ve considered using it myself many times. I haven’t done a hell of a lot with it, although if you’re looking to start a blog about an internet related topic, I think this would be a perfect cornerstone. Would like to get back what I put in.

Asking Price: $250

#6 – Hair Extension Site

  • Makes about $1/month adsense
  • Has around 10 – 15 unique posts
  • Keyword domain name
  • Aged Domain

I bought this domain about a year ago, threw up adsense and a few posts and it brings in the occasional click. I think it could make a lot more with Amazon as it is an EMD domain. There is some potential here.

Asking Price: $50

#7 Seat Belt Related Site

  • This domain is about a year old
  • Has unique Content
  • Keyword Domain

This is a site in a niche I know is profitable. I set this site up about a year ago with 10 posts or so, and it has been aging ever since. Ready for you to add your touch and start making money.

Asking Price: $35

#8 Shoe Related Site

  • Aged domain
  • Nice KW domain
  • Many Pages
  • Well Indexed
  • Custom setup
  • $617 in EPN income YTD

This is one of my better long term performing EPN sites. It made almost $80 last month and always performs well. Has some unique content, many pages, good looking custom design. I literally haven’t done anything with this site in over 2 years, it’s a true passive money maker. If you build links and clean it up a little, the possibilities are endless. Only willing to sell for the right price.

Asking Price: $1150

#9 Classic Band (music)  Site

  • Several years old
  • Occasional adsense clicks
  • KW domain

This is a site I bought a couple years back, haven’t really done anything to it. It does bring in the occasional click and has some nice existing content.

Asking Price: $25

#10 Toy Site

  • Nice aged domain
  • Nice existing link profile
  • Dmoz Listed
  • PR3
  • Some earnings

This is a site I started about a year ago for christmas. I paid about $225 for the domain, and have added quite a bit of unique content. I have generated revenue from both AdSense and Amazon. The site has some EDU backlinks in the context of model airplanes – I think that would be a better direction for this site than what I did with it in retrospect, but overall this is a great canvas for your toy site.

Asking Price: $350

#11 Mastiff related site

  • Aged Domain
  • KW Domain
  • Some earnings

I started this site several years ago. It is about a specific breed of mastiff and has a nice kw domain. It does bring in some adsense and EPN revenue, and there is a lot of room for growth. It currently has a handful of custom articles written by yours truly.

Asking Price: $50

#12 Australia Travel Site

  • One of my first niche sites ever
  • Custom content
  • Custom Design
  • Earnings
  • Aged Domain

This is one of the first niche sites I ever built. Doesn’t have a lot of links coming in, but gets traffic. It has about $60 in adsense earnings all time. Looking for a new home!

Asking Price $125

#13 Paypal Alternative Site

  • Aged Domain
  • Custom Design
  • Premium theme
  • Unique content

This is another site I bought a couple years ago in the PayPal alternative niche. It has made about $40 all time for me via adsense. I think you could probably hook up with an affiliate program and make quite a bit more money from this site. Looks great and has lots of potential.

Asking Price: $55

#14 Christian Related Site

  • PR1
  • Custom Theme
  • Adsense Earnings
  • Wide Open Niche

I’ve owned this site for a good 3 years and it was a pre-owned domain when I bought it. Has quite a bit of uniqe content. Has $174 in all time adsense earnings for me and gets pretty decent traffic. This is a huge niche and this site has a lot of potential.

Asking Price: $300

#15 Binoculars Site

  • Several years old
  • Deindexed from Google
  • Has earnings
  • Keyword domain
  • Backlinks

This is one of my first EPN sites I ever made. It has both EPN and Adsense earnings. Has been deindexed in Google for at least a year and a half and still gets good traffic and earnings from other search engines. If you could get relisted in google, there’s a ton of potential here. YTD EPN earnings are $174, All time AdSense is$70.

Asking Price: $175

#16 Boating Related

  • Aged Domain
  • Keyword Domain
  • Has EPN Earnings

This is a very specific niche site in the boating niche. Site is an exact match domain. YTD EPN earnings are $135. I’m only ranking #11 for the main keyword now, was making a lot more when I was ranking #1 (obviously). Never built any links to the site, so you could easily get the top spot back with a few decent backlinks and really pump up the earnings.

Asking Price: $175

#17 Cooking Related

  • One of my first websites ever
  • Completely custom design
  • Aged domain
  • PR2
  • Adsense Earnings

This is a recipe site that is dear to my heart. It features a beautiful wordpress theme that I built from scratch. This site has adsense earnings and gets really nice traffic. Haven’t done much with it in a long time, now it’s time to give it a new home. All time adsense: $477.

Asking Price: $500

#18 Christian Dating

I built this site several years ago to promote some christian dating offers. I made some affiliate income off of it, but mostly via PPC. The site design is fully custom and looks great. If you take the adsense off it looks even better. This would be perfect if you’re interested in running a dating campaign. It does have a little bit of adsense earnings, but not much to speak of.

Asking Price: $50

#19 Interior Decorating Site

  • Exact Match Domain
  • EPN Earnings
  • Almost 2 years old

I built this site a couple years ago, set it and forgot it. It has decent EPN earnings, and has a great EMD in a very obscure interior decorating niche.  Has $45 in earnings so far this year and definitely has potential for improvement with more content and backlinks.

Asking price: $85

#20 Dog Site

  • Great general dog domain
  • Aged Domain
  • Adsense and EPN earnings

I bought this domain a couple years ago and turned it into a niche site selling dog harnesses via EPN. It did well and generated both adsense and EPN earnings. I think this domain is too good to waste on a niche. Right now it isn’t doing much. If you’re interested in the dog niche, this domain is a perfect blank canvas for you.

Asking Price: $150

#21 – Australia Travel Site

  • I bought this as a pre-owned domain in 2007
  • has about 100 high quality posts
  • Has Adsnse earnings

I bought this pre owned domain several years ago and paid a writer to write about 100 high quality articles. Unfortuantely they weren’t keyword targeted, so it didn’t give me the results I was expecting. Still, this site has earned me $108 in adsense all time and is PACKED with high quality content. I spent over $500 on the content alone, not to mention the cost of the domain. Overall, you would obviously need to do some work to bring the earnings up, but the existing content will be a huge help. Would like to recoup some of what I put into it.

Asking Price: $375

#22 Loan Consolidation

  • High Paying Niche
  • Aged Domain
  • PR2
  • Original Content
  • Adsense earnings

This is my only site I’ve ever really done in the finance niche. It hasn’t been built up a ton, but it does bring in the occasional click, and the clicks usually pay out pretty high. If you worked to send some traffic to this site, the payout would be huge. It’s a nice little site, and if you’re already in the finance arena, it would be a great addition for you. All time adsense is about $80.

Asking price: $165

#23 Automitive Accessory

  • Great niche
  • high earning
  • site is deindexed in google
  • Adsense and EPN earnings

I built this site in early 09 and it has been one of my better earners despite being deindexed from google in the first 6 months of existence. The earnings were astronomical before being deindexed orignally, and they are still great from the traffic from other search engines. Site has made about $300 all time in AdSense and $600 YTD in EPN. Great site. Also has original content.

Asking Price: $1000

#24 Automotive Accessory Site

  • Aged Domain
  • PR1
  • Custom Design
  • EPN Earnings

This site is another one of my high earners. Has about $600 YTD from EPN. I haven’t actually touched the site in years. Its a great domain in a niche where people buy this product online.  If you took the time to backlink the site, the potential is endless.  Looking for a good price, or I might just do the work and make the money myself.

Asking Price: $1200

#25 Jobs Niche

  • Site is almost 2
  • Great Domain
  • Great Niche
  • Adsense Earnings

I set this site up myself in 09. All time adsense is just about $400 with no links built. This niche has limitless potential. I only have time for so many projects – if you want to do the work, this one will pay off for sure. It is currently earning better than ever in adsense.

Asking Price: $1250

#26 Halloween Niche

  • Aged Domain
  • Proven Earner

I built this site a couple years ago and it took a year, but now it blows up around halloween every year. You can make an easy $400 in October alone with no work at all. With a little cleaning up, it could even be better. This domain is, however, deindexed in google. Overall it’s a nice site to have when fall rolls around.

Asking Price: $225

#27 Firewall/Security Related

  • Great EMD
  • Unique Content
  • Adsense Earnings
  • PR3 with PR2 Inner Pages

I bought this site about 2 years ago for a steal. Haven’t done much with it since I don’t really know about the niche, but I know that this is an EMD .com domain, and the products that this keyword are related to are very expensive. It’s brought in $140 all time in adsense, with me doing nothing, and I think you could make a lot more off Amazon or another aff program. This could be a potential diamond.

Asking Price: $500

#28 Group of 6 X-Mas themed domains

  • 3 of these currently have sites on them
  • All domains have Christmas in the name
  • Domains are 2 years old, just registered

I bought this group of domains last year with the intention of using them, but never got around to it. This would be a great network to have to promote your holiday stuff each season, or age the domains yourself and sell them for even more next year. I paid $75 for them originally and just paid $60 to renew them for a year last month. Would like to get most of that back. One of the sites does have some EPN earnings.

Asking Price $130

#29 Group of 5 Automotive mini-sites

  • 5 sites
  • several years old
  • Adsense earnings

These are 5 mini-sites. Each site has a couple posts of crappy content. I bought these in december 08, installed adsense and have not done a single thing to them since. Since that time they have made me $523 in adsense. This would be a great buy if you need something to increase your monthly earnings in order to get a payout, or if you’re already into the automotive niche. These sites have been a great passive stream of revenue. They might look shitty, but you can’t argue with the end results. Want to sell as a group.

Asking Price: $1000

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