Spam comments on your site website is a hassle. Even if you’re a smaller site that doesn’t get a lot of traffic, it is still incredibly easy to get your URL harvested by a bot, added to a spam list, and relentlessly get spam comments.

What’s even more frustrating with these types of comments is you have to manually sort them out and delete them from your site. If you are experiencing this issue, then we have the solution just for you.

What is Spam Comments?

spam comments

Spam comments are basically comments that contain words, numbers, or just symbols, that may contain advertising or links to another website. This is usually done by BOTS who harvest URLs from the internet, sort those URLs to which one they can access easier, and post random comments on that website.

Why Should You Bother With Spam Comments?

Comments that are spam happens, on average, from 30 to 60 comments a day from just a few BOTS. Now imagine having a thousand BOTS and all of them are spamming you at the same time. It will require a lot of work and effort just to read and remove those comments. Luckily there is an easy way to deal with spam comments and basically completely stop it from happening, all by optimizing your Discussion settings and installing a FREE plugin that requires no setup at all.

How Can You Prevent or Stop Spam Comments?

You can prevent this by doing some tweaks to your discussion settings and installing a FREE plugin. Discussion settings can be accessed by going to you WP-Admin page. On the dashboard, go to settings then discussions.

spam comments

Here you can tweak some settings in order to prevent some spam comments. But optimizing these settings is sometimes not enough. So what you should do, as an additional step, is by installing a plugin called WP-Spam Shield. It is a very reliable plugin that blocks spam comments. You also don’t have to do anything. Just click install then activate and the plugin does all the work for you and the best thing is that it’s FREE.

Watch the video below to see the detailed explanation of how this all works and to stop spam comments on your site.

The Bottom Line

So that’s about it. Stop comments happen on a daily basis. Even and this moment as your reading this article, you may be getting spammed. Luckily we have the perfect solution for you to stop these spams. Follow along as we discuss optimal comment settings for your site, and see the results for yourselves. If you’re getting spammed a lot check out the WP-Spam shield and double-check your Discussion settings to make sure you got your comments optimized.


We still have WP-Spamshield installed on our website but since it is unavailable for newer sites at the moment, we recommend Akismet Anti-Spam. It’s free for personal blogs while business and commercial websites have to acquire a paid subscription. Akismet is a great plugin also featuring cutting-edge spam comment blockers and its also easy to use. Just click install and activate and you’re ready to go. You can also adjust a few settings on the plugins to meet your needs for your website. The reviews have been great for this plugin so far along with 5 million installs.

If you have any questions, contact us or post a comment below and we will answer your concern. Just make sure you are not a bot so you won’t get blocked.

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