Domain Buying Blackbelt Course [Reviewed]

A while ago now, I was getting really big into buying expired domains. In fact, I still am. What I was particularly interested in learning more about is setting up a private network of aged domains. Specifically, I wanted to learn more about how to set up the domains so that they would not look like shitty spam fest sites – you know, the kind of sites you would see if you were a member of Terry Kyle’s homepage backlinks network.

Well, this was way back in the day when Backlinksforum still existed and I checked in there occasionally. As Terry Kyle was one of the co-owners of backlinks forum, it was only natural that my interest in aged domains led me to a course by Terry Kyle called Domain Buying Blackbelt.

In a moment of stupidity or weakness or whatever you want to call it, I caved into the hype and purchased the course hoping to pick up some valuable knowledge. I believe the cost was somewhere in the neighborhood of $100. Not a big deal.

So immediately, when I realized that the course was built using Kejabe, I started to regret my decision. Then once I saw the actual content contained within, I knew immediately that I had made a mistake.

See, the problem with these courses is that they are pretty much strictly aimed at suckers – people who don’t know what the hell they are doing, and will buy anything, and have no idea if what they just bought was any good at all.

The premise of the whole training course was basically to provide the absolute most basic information possible in the form of extremely boring videos. I honestly logged into this thing one time ever and knew it was complete shit after about 20 minutes.

I really don’t want to go into detail, but to say that this is pretty much the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. If you are reading this and would like to know more about buying aged domains, feel free to email me and I will probably be able to sum it up better than this course did in a 300 word or less email.

I wish I would have written this review closer to the date when I actually purchased the course so I could provide some more detailed info, but it isn’t necessary anyway. If you are reading this, hopefully, I just saved you $100. If you really want to learn about buying aged domains, you can join the pond at for $10 and learn from people who actually give a shit.

Definitely, a lesson learned, and I am going to try my hardest never to get suckered into buying one of these lame courses again, and I will almost surely avoid any Terry Kyle products in the future.

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