Today I bit the bullet and bought a Micro Niche Finder license. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this tool, and I know for a fact there are a lot of people who are having some nice success with it. Also, if I can find a viable alternative to the traditional keyword research I’ve been doing, then why not? Especially for these super focused niche sites.

Keyword research takes me a lot of time, it’s one thing I can’t really outsource, and most of my BEST keyword ideas come to me out of the blue, not during a keyword research session. Not only that, but the keywords I’ve been selecting for my niche sites lately seem like they are not specific enough terms to avoid being sandboxed. Even with my most recent micro niche site experiment, I’ve only got 1 out of the first 4 sites I created that’s ranking on page 1 right now, the other 3 are not even in the top 50 results.

So for all those reasons, I’m going to give this tool a try. My main short term goal right now is still to crank my AdSense up another 10-15 dollars a day, and I believe I can do it relatively easy with these highly focused niche sites, so I’m hoping this tool will help. It came down to a choice between MNF and Niche Hoard. Niche Hoard is a newer tool, and I’ve heard a lot of good things about MNF, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m going to be using it, and launching 10 new sites with it ASAP. If I see promising results right away, I will go ahead and amp things up – otherwise I might also try Niche Hoard out and see what I think about that.

As always, I’ll be sharing the results here. I will also be posting an update on my micro niche site case study hopefully some time this week. I’m going to add 2 more niches into the mix and utilize a couple additional promotion techniques.

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