Those who want to stand out from the crowd of hundreds and thousands of other sites a custom Responsive WordPress theme is required for them for the useful website. Without any doubt, the conversion of PSD to WordPress is one of the effective techniques for designing a responsive website for your business services. Many business holders even try to contact the branding agency Dubai to use practical techniques for their business websites.

The conversion of PSD to WordPress refers to the mechanism of converting a PSD file to a completely functional WordPress theme I which the progressive web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and PHP are used.


Here are a few common tips for you that how you can convert a PSD file into a fully-responsive WordPress theme using Bootstrap. Before initiating the information, let us let’s have a glance at some standard terms involved in the PSD to WordPress conversion process.


Responsive Web Design (RWD): This is one of the techniques that use the HTML5 and CSS3 Media Queries for adjusting the webpage automatically for making it possible to look fair and accurate on various devices and screen sizes


Photoshop Document (PSD): It is the default file format used by Adobe Photoshop to save the workable files. Professional designers mostly choose Photoshop because it is best to perform and the most popular tool of graphic designing there in the market currently.


WordPress Theme: It is a collection of templates and style sheets that collectively define the WordPress powered website. It gives the virtual identity to the business blog or website.

The useful tips of conversion are as follows:-


Tip #1: Cut PSD into images

For your information, the PSD contains the parts of the images. Initially, cut the PSD into separate images and save them as an independent individual file. The Adobe photoshop can also be utilized for such purpose. Now, you can separate all the images that you may want to add in the web page. Try to keep the number of images low for the easy loading of your page. You can use any tool either online or offline for optimizing the selected images. Even the images” arrangement can also be made using the header, footer or the background slider, etc. Make sure to maintain the quality of images while cutting them.


Tip #2: Slicing of PSD

After analyzing the PSD, slice the images from the PSD. Slice and divide the image files which have different elements of the overall designs. It is essential to consider because it’s highly challenging to code the whole system from a single image. Shortly, for coding the web page, slice the PSD in separate image files and then position them rationally.


Tip #3: Embed WordPress Theme structure into the HTML file

If you have the HTML and CSS file ready with you, start integrating them into the WordPress environment. All you need for this is to have some basic understanding of the working of WordPress. The WordPress files are in PHP, so it’s essential to have some basic knowledge about this programming language. WordPress contains two critical files. One is index.php, and the other is style.css. Whereas, WordPress has various other PHP files as well that includes footer.php, header.php, sidebar.php, etc.


Tip #4: Use of Conditional Thumbnail

The use of thumbnail is basically to show the post/page image. It is one of the conditional options because not every post uses a thumbnail image. So, you can use this by designing in mind the dependent module.

Tip #5: Use WordPress tags and functional options 

PSD to WordPressWordPress has a library of prebuilt functions and tags that can be easily used on your website directly. You can also have most of the tags there if you are editing the already existing theme.

Whereas, if you are using the WordPress theme from abrasion, there might be a chance that you are going to find and add important WordPress tags and functionalities to your article.



The conversion of PSD to WordPress is easy, but it is not a teacup for everyone. In doing so, you can take help from the professional WordPress/PHP development companies in you are facing any trouble in doing so. But the little input of your effort can help you to do great for your business site.

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