Whether you’re commuting on a taxi, waiting for someone or anything, blogging is now at your fingertips! You can now create blog posts, add images, video, gifs and such through your phone. Also, you can stay connected with your friends even when you are away from home. So, here are the top 10 best iPhone Apps for bloggers.


1. BlogPress

BlogPress must be the best fit for you if you are into blogging! It is integrated with extra level of support together with service and training. Aside from that, it is combined with other social networks like YouTube, Picasa, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook where you can immediately share your posts with your followers and friends.

In addition to that, BlogPress has 150+ Premium Themes which is highly customizable and is convenient to set up. You can also make money with you blog unlike any other blogging services



2. WordPress

WordPress lets you write and publish blog updates wherever you are. Either you’re riding a bus or drinking your coffee, you can view and see who your visitors are at the same time. Here, you can catch up with your favorite sites and join conversation anytime, anywhere. Also, you can upload photos, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone.



3. Squarespace

Squarespace Blog presents to you all the tools you will need to write and edit posts and manage comments on multiple Squarespace websites. It also lets you format texts, create links, add photos and layout you love conveniently.

Squarespace also permits you to toggle between multiple websites and blogs easily.



4. Tumblr

Tumblr helps you in many ways! It helps you follow your favorite blogs like Politics, Movies, Memes and such where you can post anything as well. You can post GIFs, Quotes, Photo, Videos, Audios, and you can also share a link that you like. Aside from that, you can also interact with other Tumblrs by chatting them.



5. Weebly

Weebly allows you to create stunning websites and blogs. It is integrated with Drag and Drop Mobile Web Design where it has full mobile optimization and customization with visual editor that are simple. The good thing is that, you can see exactly how your website will appear for mobile visitors.

It provides various layouts and themes for you to make a splendid multi-device experience.



6. Cube – Your Mobile Blog

Cube is perfectly crafted for the convenience of bloggers who want blogging to be great and fun. It is designed to help you blog anything that interests you and share it to your friends instantly. You can build a personal brand, become top-rated in any hashtag, and connect with users who has the same interests as yours. However, if you want to learn more about blogging, you can ask questions and poll the community.



7. Blogo

Blogo makes publishing easy! You can choose from rich text or markdown, embed HTML or use syntax highlighting for your code. It has “Send to Blogo” extension so that you can add content from Instagram, Youtube and other apps.

If you want to have the best of Blogo, you can also switch to Pro where it has incredible features such as multiple sites for you to manage unlimited blogs, media search for finding awesome videos, gifs and music from Giphy, Youtube, Vimeo, Audience Booster to lessen the duplication of contents and many more.



8. Blog Touch Pro

Blog Touch Pro is a great blogger mobile editor. Here, you can work remotely and edit pictures direct from your phone. You can publish, update and remove posts and pages and reply to comments. For advanced blogging, rich text editor always got your back.

You can access everything whether your article has already been added with Blogger or if you just added it with BlogTouch.



9. Notegraphy

Notegraphy helps you write and publish anything you want to share with amazing style. It helps you to be creative as you can be while doing what you love-Writing! All you have to do is write, add any style that you want and you can share it to any social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook and etc.



10. Hotsuite

Hotsuite helps you manage any social media content and conversations on your phone anytime, anywhere! You can access your Stream, Publisher, Compose Box, Search, and Settings. Since you can have it on your phone, you can see directly who commented on your posts and respond quickly.

You can connect with other attendees when you are going to an event by just searching the event hashtag and then add it as a stream which will directly sync with your desktop Hootsuite dashboard.

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