Paid themes for restaurant business websites can be expensive. But they are expensive for a reason. Here, we will show you the top 5 paid themes for restaurant business websites and why they are worth it.

Owning a restaurant business is really great. The income is great along with the privilege of serving the best food to different customers and them liking it is a feeling never short of awesome.

If you are familiar with Chef Gordon Ramsay, featured on shows like Kitchen Nightmares, Hell’s Kitchen, MasterChef, and many more, a well-renowned chef known for his temper and harsh criticism. But his sharp tongue is matched with excellent cooking skills and owning 7 Michelin Stars (confirmed by Chef Gordon himself).

Michelin Stars are like the Oscars of the cooking industry. It is awarded only on top-tier restaurants that serve top-tier foods and provide top-tier services.

But like all famous chefs, everyone starts at the “bottom of the barrel.” And it goes the same with restaurants. In order to be big and famous, you have to start, of course, with building a restaurant and another important factor, attracting customers. And what better way to attract customers than creating your own wonderful website to match your wonderful restaurant.

With that in mind, we will show you the top 5 paid themes for restaurant business websites available today.


Paid Themes For Restaurant Business Websites

1.  Rosa

Paid theme

First on our list of top paid themes for restaurant business websites is Rosa. An exquisite theme by Pixelgrade.

The theme showcases incredible features like a parallax effect, responsiveness on all devices, food menus, online reservations, and more.

This theme is certainly great for restaurant websites. That is why it is a top paid theme for a reason.


Demo PageTheme Page


Price: $75

2. Grand Restaurant

Paid Theme

Next is the Grand Restaurant Theme. From the name itself, it is a theme that focuses on creating the best restaurant business website.

Grand Restaurant boasts on a clean, professional, and modern-looking WordPress Theme for any restaurant and cafe related businesses.

It’s features include dozens of excellent demos that you can choose from and apply to your site, Menus, online reservations, and many more.


Demo PageTheme Page


Price: $64

3. The Restaurant

Paid Theme

Third, is The Restaurant. A WordPress theme that offers a lot of awesome features that are really great at restaurants. This theme has been running since 2010 and the reviews are never short of amazing.

Some of its features include a specialized menu card, Online reservations, WooCommerce supported, and more.

If you find the restaurant great, check out the demos below and try them out to see for yourself.

Demo PageTheme Page

Price: $39

4. Linguini

Next is Linguini. Another great WordPress theme that has a ton of features and usability perfect for many restaurants, bistros, cafes, and other food-related websites.

Some of its features include a theme customizer, so you can personalize your site according to your preference, highly optimized for mobile, reservation system, and more.

If you wanna check out the Linguini theme and their 3 fully constructed demo websites, click on the demo button down below and select the perfect design just for you.

Demo PageTheme Page


Price: $59

5. White Rock

If you own a winery then this theme is for you. White Rock is a WordPress theme that offers a professional and modern approach to the website. 

Some of its features include a drag & drop page builder, a premium slider, demo contents, and many more. To top it off, this theme is highly customizable. Meaning you can design it however you want it and how it fits your taste.

Check them out their demos below and see this theme in action.

Demo PageTheme Page

Price: $59


Those are the top 5 paid themes for restaurant business websites. Each theme has it’s own strengths but what they have in common is that all are awesome themes. Perfect for your restaurant business websites that you are planning to create.

You can check out each theme by clicking the demo button of each item.

We hope this article helped you find the perfect theme for your restaurant business.

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