What is Web Design?

Web Design is essentially the creation of the face of the website. It involves several aspects like the user experience, the environment of the site, and its appeal. Essentially the most important part of all sites in terms of attracting visitors and potential customers.

BrainGate is a company and they’ve created technology that I guess like allows people who have lost the use of a limb to regain some control over that limb by using their brain so you know just totally by using their brain they can like regain some control over their limbs really cool technology I’ve got a lot of intellectual property and cool stuff that they’re developing. We were approached by Braingate to initially do a conversion of their website to WordPress along with making their site mobile friendly.

Along the way, we have decided to do a Web Design instead. In a lot of cases, we try to suggest keeping the same look and feel as the existing site, however this site was probably nearing 10 years old and really needed a fresh look. Here we will showcase the complete transformation of the site.


web design

This was what the website looked like before. The design is pretty much outdated and the contents were cramped up on one page. Additionally, the site is not mobile responsive either. On mobiles and other smaller devices, the texts and images get cut off making it very hard to navigate in. Same for its inner pages.

Most of the time, what we try to do is whenever possible just re-purpose their existing site, update the code, and make it mobile-friendly or convert it to WordPress. In this case, since the site’s older, we didn’t really think it would be a great candidate for convert into mobile so instead what we proposed them was that we would just completely redo the site in WordPress and make it inherently mobile-friendly while updating the layout for the same price so didn’t cost him any more money and they got pretty much a brand new site.

So, we talked with the client and when they gave the go signal we started working on giving it a new look, making it mobile-friendly, while still having the exact same content for the site.


Here are what the site looks like now and some of its inner pages.


web design

About Us page

Intellectual Property page

A complete turn-around! We built this site using the Bridge theme which you can get at Theme Forest. We also used a couple of plugins like the Revolution slider and Visual Composer. We also gave the site a few transitions for added visual appeal to the site and gave the header slider a video background which we got from Video Blocks and a few stock photos and gave that some few effects.

Gave the header an effect that when you start scrolling down, the header gets smaller for much better viewing of the content but you can still interact with it without having the need to scroll back up.

Another thing is that we put some sections on the front page of the site showcasing some contents to let the visitors know what is inside the site just by looking at those sections. Braingate also had a lot of press affiliations and we thought it was a great idea to make it into a slider and it worked out perfectly. Compared to the old page for press affiliations, it looks completely different.

When we flipped this site to WordPress and gave it a complete face-lift, we made sure it was perfectly mobile-friendly, all while integrating and re-laying-out their original content. New look but the same contents.

Web Design Before and After

To see its complete and detailed explanation of how we did it, check out this video.


That was the before and after transformation of Braingate. Just one of the many websites that we have worked with over the years.

If you have any more questions, contact us or post a comment below and we will answer your concern.

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Website: https://www.braingate.com

Bridge Theme: https://themeforest.net/item/bridge-creative-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/7315054?ref=lewmaster

Revolution Slider: https://codecanyon.net/item/slider-revolution-responsive-wordpress-plugin/2751380?ref=lewmaster

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