With the introduction of DIVI Presets, there had been a lot of uses for it that we can think of. From its customizability to usability, the possibilities seem endless.

With that in mind, we will tell you what is DIVI Presets and how to effectively use it.

What is DIVI Presets?

Before anything else, what is DIVI Presets? Divi Presets is a feature by DIVI Themes released recently by Elegant Themes and it has been great so far. It gives the user a lot of flexibility with regards to designing and most importantly, it is very time-efficient.


Why You Should Use DIVI Presets

Ever had a design that you really like, that you want it to be used on all your modules throughout your entire website but refrains to doing so cause it’s so time-consuming?

With the introduction of DIVI Presets, it is now possible. With this feature, you can now save your custom design and save it as a preset for future use with that module.

But wait, there’s more! You can use not just one preset, but a relatively infinite amount of presets. Much better than a set global style that we had been using for the longest time.

Let’s say that you have one style for your buttons at the homepage, and another button style at the contact us page, you can save both of these presets and apply it on any part of your site as you see fit.

Do take note that the set presets work on the module style that it was saved in. For example, you saved a button style preset, then it can only be used on button modules. It cannot be used towards the text modules, blurb modules, etc.

How To Use DIVI Presets

Now that we have explained to you the use of DIVI Presets and its significance, we will move on to how to use the DIVI presets to our advantage.

Step 1 – Click the gear icon on any module that you wanna use.

Divi Preset

After clicking you will be taken to an interface where you can edit the module.

Step 2 – On the top part of the interface, click on “preset.”

You will see a dropdown where there is a list of your presets. If you have none, it will only say “default preset.”

Step 3 – Click on “Add New Preset”


Type in the desired name of your preset.

Tip: It is advised that you use a name that is easy like “blurb yellow” or “text bold blue” to remember it easily and to avoid confusion for your edits later.

Step 4 – After putting in the name of the preset, press the check button to save it.

The interface will then flip showing you a gray-ish style sheet. This is the preset design setting.

Here procced to design the module according to your preference. When you are done styling, press the check button to save it.

Step 5 – To confirm that your preset is saved and currently in use, click on the preset on the top part again and look for the green check.

The green check indicates your currently in-use preset. This is why we have said earlier to name your preset with easy-to-remember description to avoid confusion.

And that is the basic way to add DIVI presets. If you wish to apply it to the next text module, simply add that module to a row and then click the top part and click “Preset” and then find and click you’re saved preset.


Default DIVI Preset

Another feature of the preset is you can select it as default.

Step 1 – To do this, simply open any module using the gear icon and click “preset” on the top part of the interface.

After clicking, you will see the list of presets you have saved. Now click on the start button on your desired preset. and then click yes to save.

What this does is that it makes your currently selected preset as default. Meaning, every single time you open a module of the same variant, it will always give that module your selected preset styles since it has become the default.


Current Style Preset

Another great use of the DIVI Preset is that you can save your current style as a preset.

Step 1 – Click again the gear icon on any module, then click “preset” on the top part of the interface.

But instead of clicking “Add New Preset,” Click on “Create New Preset From Current Styles.”

Add your desired name and then click the check to save.

This is great if you forgot to put a preset first on your module before you designed it. Or if you want to use a style of a module on a specific premade layout.

So if you have done a sick layout on your module, but forgot to preset it, don’t worry. Simply create a new preset from your current style, and proceed on adding it to the rest of your module.


A Few Words

DIVI Presets is indeed a very great tool for DIVI. Do take note that the DIVI Preset is available site-wide. Meaning it can be used even on premade layouts on any page inside your site.

With this tool, you can save a great deal of time and effort when designing your site. Truly an awesome feature by DIVI.

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