Hey guys, thought I would drop a quick review on you for a new plugin I’ve been testing out over the past couple of weeks. I have a client in need of a new website and they offer 2 types of different classes on an event calendar. They want the calendars for each type of class to be separate. They also want people to be able to register online.

Now last year, if I would have had a client come to me with these specs for a project, I would have put them into a Joomla site. Now… I can finally say that I think this WordPress event management plugin may have put the last nail in the coffin for Joomla. This software plugs right into WordPress. It takes about 2 seconds to set up, and you can install additional plugins for calendars, recurring events and a few other things.¬† I really didn’t have to spend a lot of time reading instructions or in the support forum because it was extremely straightforward.

This makes me really happy becuase I pretty much hate using Joomla as a platform for websites. As more and more great WordPress plugins keep coming out, there is less and less reason to use Joomla for anything, and as someone who is primarily a WordPress developer, that is great news for me.

I have been using the paid verison of this plugin ($59), as well as the recurring events  manager ($39). Overall it is DEFINITELY money well spent. They also have a free version available which is great if you want to take it for a test drive.

The biggest downside to the plugin, in my opinion, is that the recurring events manager isn’t actually built into the main plugin itself. I am only really saying that because this really is a real review and I wanted to have some pros and cons – but that is pretty much the only con I could come up with, and frankly, now that I have purchased the recurring events manager, it really doesn’t make any difference to me anymore.

The last big PRO I can think of is that it seems really well supported. I’ve spoken directly to the developer, and he was very helpful in answering a few questions that I had. A new update even came up the day after I purchased it.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the software, and anyone who is going to need to have an event calendar/registration feature on their website or a client website should absolutely keep this plugin in mind.

Learn more at www.eventespresso.com.

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