This post goes hand-in-hand with my previous post about my large authority site project using a WordPress silo to structure the site. I stumbled on the Category Content plugin while looking for a solution for sub navigation in setting up my silos, and this does exactly what I need.

Basically here’s the deal… For setting my site up with a Silo structure, I want to keep the intrasite linking structure tight between pages in the same silo. For example if I have articles about dog collars and articles about dog medicine, I want all the dog collars articles to be linking to each other and dog medicine articles linking to each other. I DONT want to have dog collar articles linking to dog medicine articles and vice versa, and I DEFINITELY don’t want to have dog collar articles linking out to Cat articles, which would be a completely different group altogether.

So basically this plugin is the perfect solution. I put it in my main sidebar, then on any POSTS it will provide a list of other POSTS within the same category. This is the absolute perfect way to add intra category navigation. It is all automatic, and perfectly accurate as long as you only assign 1 category per post.

The plugin takes about 2 seconds to install and set up. Even if you aren’t using the silo concept at all, it still would most likely be valuable to use this plugin. In fact, I will probably be adding this to some of my other sites, maybe even try it on this site – although I have a lot of my posts assigned to multiple categories so I may have to fix those first.

Another great thing about the plugin is that if there are no results to show at all, it just doesn’t display anything at all. This works well for my PAGES which are the anchors for each silo when combined with the page-post-associator (I will cover it in a different article).

Probably the best thing I like about this plugin – Originally, it was showing posts from parent categories and sub categories, however I actually contacted the developer and he generously added the option to only include posts from other sub categories – this was all in a matter of hours. You can’t ask for better support than that for a free plugin.

That brings me to the last thing I love about this plugin, it’s FREE.

So what are you waiting for?? Give this plugin a try. CLICK HERE to check out the plugin home page. Or download it from your wordpress admin by searching the plugin repository for Category Content.

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