I just found a really nice plugin by Aseem Kishore that will post a summary of all the posts posted in your Blog over a time period defined by you. This is great because it promotes visitors to check out more pages on your blog and stay longer, and it will also give you a ton of extra deep links to all of your posts, so you’ll get a little boost from search engines as well. All you have to do is fill out the settings page and the plugin will do the rest. You can choose to post a summary daily, weekly or monthly, and summarize posts from the previous day, week or month.

Since I haven’t gotten into a regular routine with this blog yet, I’ve chosen to create a summary post once monthly of the top 10 posts from the previous month. If you’re the type who religiously posts daily to your blog, a weekly summary would probably be quite nice. Since today is the 29th, I hope to see a nice summary post in a couple days, so check back and see for yourself how the plugin works. I think this one will be a real winner.

Download the WP Best Posts Summary Plugin Here.

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