Welcome to WP Contempo. This Blog has been created with the goal of providing high quality free WordPress themes and WordPress tips and tutorials for free to anyone who wants them. Today is the grand opening of the WP Contempo. We’ll be kicking things off by releasing our unique WP Contempo theme. If you’ve been looking for a clean, elegant WP theme for your Blog, give our new theme a try. We also have a whole handful of additional free WordPress themes we’ll be releasing over the next several weeks, and it is our goal to release at least one free WordPress theme every single week.

We aren’t going to just dish out a ton of free WordPress themes. Some of the other things you can expect to get from this site are tutorials and resources. We’ll showcase the coolest new plugins and show you where to get them. We’ll offer some step by step tutorials – both basic and advanced, and we’ll reveal some of the best ways to monitize your Blog – proven methods that we use for our own WordPress blogs.

Whether you’re brand new to Blogging or you own hundreds of Blogs, we hope you’ll join us and share in the discussion as we try to show everyone how to harness the power of using the WordPress platform for Blogging!

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