As promised, today I’m releasing the first in my series of free WordPress themes designed specifically with Ebay Partner Network based websites in mind. This is a very lightweight theme designed to maximize space and make your blog look more like an authentic e-commerce site.

In my opinion I think many EPN WordPress blogs look too much link blogs with eBay listings stuffed in them as an afterthought. Most WP themes really aren’t desgined to look like e-commerce sites, they’re designed to look like blogs!

WP Commerce Steel is just the first of many themes like this to come. It’s a more basic theme, designed to let the EPN ads take center stage, and make visitors feel more like they’ve reached an authentic site selling products. Here are some of the features it offers:

Dynamic page navigation

a top sidebar to add a search box

2 left sidebars with 2 unique styles

Home page template so you can personalize your Blog and add graphics to enhance the visitor experience

Clean layout, great perfect for EPN and amazon, ready for PHPBay Pro integration

Neutral colors perfect for a wide range of niches

Works great for regular Blogs too!

Check out a demo of WP Commerce Steel here, or view a live site currently using the theme: Stainless Steel Water Bottle.


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