Just a little over a month from our initial launch, my first free WordPress theme offering – WP Contempo, is nearing 400 downloads.  Pretty good, considering we started a little over 30 days ago with a totally blank slate. We’ve also had some success in terms of downloads with our WP Pressident theme. Our theme with the least amount of downloads – Zeofire Blue, I think may be bringing up the rear because the demo version isn’t formatted correctly, however the theme is in perfect working order. I have 3 additional versions of the Zeofire Blue theme which will all be released in the coming month to two months. I also have several more surprises in store.

If the WP Contempo theme reaches 500 downloads, I will release an updated version. I have several ideas – including an alternative Black version, a 3 column version or a version with 4 sidebars in the right column to add 125×125 banner ads.

If you have input on mods you would like to see to the WP Contempo theme, feel free to comment here or drop me a line.

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