Last week DyasonHat released WP Smart Sort and WP Smart Sort Premium. These plugins allow you to provide maximum control over how visitors can view posts on your blog. WP Smart Sort allows your visitors to sort posts however they like. For example they can sort your posts by title, date added or number of comments in both ascending and descending order. Probably the coolest feature, you can define your own custom fields and sort by them as well. For example you could allow visitors to sort by rating, and if applicable by price. The possibilities are literally endless.

WP Smart Sort Premium takes this one step further by adding a handy sorting toolbar to your blog. Your visitors will easily be able to sort posts in your blog. This is great if you’ve got a well established blog with a ton of posts. It’s sure to keep your traffic staying on your site longer, and hopefully will lead to increased revenue for you!

Overall I’ve found these plugins to be very helpful in enhancing overall visitor experience. I would strongly recommend giving the free version a try first to see if it’s right for you. There’s nothing to lose! Download WP Smart Sort Here.

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